And on the 8th day, massages were created

And on the 8th day, massages were created

Today as one of my Mommy Missions for Mommy Madness, I had to go get a free massage at Massage Envy.  I know!  The Torture!  Our first mission was taking the Traverse shopping to Kroger.  Mission?  Try daily activity!  But this is a mission I think they need to force us to go on every week to ensure we are calm when we are driving our Traverse.  I’m just saying!

A free massage where I did not have to start it with begging, reciprocate to get the hour long treatment, and I didn’t  even need to put out afterwards as a thank you.  Though a good nap would have made it perfect.

As I lay there being spoiled I had a chance to just think.  I know you are supposed to relax but my mind is never still.

Even though we have been trying in vain to rid Brandon of whatever is making him so sick, and even though Zarek put three different schools into a panic thinking he had the swine flu, and even though I am really searching for more hours in a day to actually get the things done that I need to do, I realized how very blessed I am.

As the knots were worked out, the kinks de-kinked and the tension in my shoulders finally release, I began to think about the things that have been stressed out so much lately.

Worrying about being the PTA president next year.  But?  I am so honored that the women I most admire trust me to handle such an enormous job.  They have faith in me.  I have a great team of beautiful people to work with me.

Worrying about the fact that my boys were sick and we were all in lock down.  But?  I have been able to spend quality time with all 3 of the kids while their guards are down.  I have been able to take care of them and let them be vulnerable.  We actually talked.

Worrying about my blog and blogging and how things are changing.  But?  I am able to come here any time I want and write whatever  I want without anyone telling me what to say or how to write.  No editorial guidelines.  And?  It brought me my amazing column that I write for Parenting Magazine.  And?  It brought me my agent.

Worrying about not finishing my book.  But?  As I stuggle with one, I have finished a second and am on a third.  Mainly because when the first one gets really, really tough to work through, I have the ability to switch gears and write things that are funny.

I am blessed.  And OH. SO. RELAXED.

I will upload my video later.  You can see me go from total excitement to totally Zen Chill.  It is pretty funny! You will enjoy it.  Or  not.  Right now I am too relaxed to care.

And remember that if YOU go into any and get your very own North Texas Chevy dealer and test drive the Chevy Traverse, you will get your very own gift certificate for a one-hour massage to any Massage Envy location in Dallas/Ft. Worth. (Be sure to let them know Jenn sent you!)  Also, ladies, if you want someone to go with you to take your test drive, let me know and I will meet you up there and we can cruise together!

One thought on “And on the 8th day, massages were created

  1. Jenn…and fellow coffee mom,

    I just found you, and since we both have a penchant for coffee, thought I would peruse your site. I had an idea about what else you could add to your list of “Who the hell am I”…how about…

    ~ I’m honest to a fault. I’m so real there will be no question in your mind as to who I REALLY am. All you have to do is ask. I have nothing hide…so what you see is what you get. I make no excuses! No apologies. I am the sum of all of my life experiences that brought me to where I am today…stronger, wiser, REAL! Although who I am today may not be who I am tomorrow…life is like that…ever changing. Want to know more? Bring it!

    Jenn…I love your refreshingly HONEST and raw courage to put yourself out there…you give the rest of us pause…and the hope of doing the same!

    All success and happiness to you!

    Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD (because kids have problems, too!)

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