Now that I hit My Motherload, I am going to have to learn to cook!

Now that I hit My Motherload, I am going to have to learn to cook!


Now, those of you who know me and know my stories know that I am infamous for my lack of cooking skills.    (As in was called by an Oprah producer to do a segment about it.)  I have even caught frozen vegetables on fire.  You didn’t know that was possible, did you?  But, my goal this summer is to learn to cook.  No, I take that back. To learn to love to cook.  (I know.  But, hey, if I can become the PTA president, I can learn to love to cook, people.)

So you can imagine the squealing and screeching that went on here here when I got an e-mail from  Mom Central asking me to test drive a Freestanding Range and Over the Range Microwave from Frigidaire’s new collection of 250 kitchen and laundry appliances! For real?  A brand spanking new Range for me to learn to cook?  I love it already.  (The microwave will be a double special bonus!)  The whole line has been designed to give moms more free time away from the kitchen and laundry room.

Look what will be gracing my kitchen (and not just to store sweaters either!) *Click the images for a larger looksie!*

electric_rangeYes I will be actually cooking meals on this bad boy.  If you promise not to tell my husband, I am really looking forward to getting stared.  I may even invite you over for dinner sometime.  Okay, that may not happen because there are a lot of you!  But click on that sweet thang and see why I am actually eager to get started.  I can learn the range and cooking at the same time.

But?  What if I am way too busy to cook a real meal on a stove or in the over? No problem.  To save me time, Frigidaire has blessed me with an amazing Over the Range Microwave.  Seeing as I ripped the handled off of my old one about 10 years ago, this will be sweet.  I suppose you want to see it too?  I know you do!  Check out my other sweetness.  otr-microwave

I am so honored to have been chosen by Mom Central to be a part of Team Range/Microwave.  I cannot wait to start test driving these.  I know my family will be happy to actually have home cooked meals, too.  I will keep you up to date on my learning process and my love for my new appliances.

Now, you too can win one of these amazing appliances that are being offered at My MotherLoad. To win, simply report the five things you would do with an extra hour each day. (I know you all have things you would do with an extra hour in a day!)  All participants will be entered for a chance to win an entire suite of new Frigidaire appliances.  Plus, check out the other prizes you can win – like a gorgeous new Frigidaire Affinity washer/dryer.   They are super awesome and you know you want all of these.

Also, become a fan on the Frigidaire Facebook Page and keep a lookout on the new time I have gained. Follow all of us moms on Twitter. It will be fun to see how we handle the new products.  Especially for those like me who receive an amazing gift of not only a new range but a new outlook on cooking and family meals!

Now, of course to make it all legal and official, here it the button.


2 thoughts on “Now that I hit My Motherload, I am going to have to learn to cook!

  1. Congrats, glad to see a locally mommy got picket to test drive for Frigidaire. I am just recently started reading your blog.

  2. Why haven’t any oven manufacturers contacted me to test drive their new line? I NEED ONE! Haha 🙂 I am so envious of your new oven range…

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