If it’s not one thing, it’s the summer

Things have been kicking my rear end around here lately.  I have had a lot going on but not really anything I can blog about.  You see, it involves people who did not sign up to have their lives talked about here.  So, I won’t.

I guess what you get is the bullet point kind of catch up post today.

School is officially finished. Over. We MADE IT!  With all of the illnesses and absences and arguments with “those in authority” (which really means those who have a title but I can make them cry) and racing to get assignments finished, we actually made it through this long and horrific school year.  For that, I am forever thankful!

Most importantly, I celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary to the most wonderful man I know.  Clint and I have been together for 22 years and married for 19 of those.  And?  We still like each other!  That in and of itself is an accomplishment.  I love that man more than words can say so I won’t even try.

Tomorrow is the official passing of the torch for the PTA presidency.  Yep.  Tomorrow I get to learn what I have jumped into.  I plan to up my meds after that meeting.  Really?  What have I done?  Someone hurry and check for the Stepford chip and rewire my brain.  I am scared!

I reconnected with some old high school friends recently.  I wish I could say it was for some huge party or reunion.  Sadly, it was because one of our friends in our graduating class died just after Memorial Day.  It was a total shock to all of us.  The thing I remember most about her?  Her amazing smile and laughter.  She radiated joy.  We all remember that and carry it with us.   I think she would be happy to know that she has brought old friends back together again.  She will be very missed.

I guess with all of the things going on around here lately I just haven’t felt like writing.  What I have been doing is refocusing on things that are important to me and matter to me.  I have been drawn to those who get me and who realize there is a huge world out there that doesn’t care about reviews, ads, stats, awards or even whether or not you get to go on a trip.  They just want to talk, laugh and be there–really be there– for each other.  I guess when life is tough, that is where I turn.  Where I have to turn.  Drama?  So 2005!  I am trying this new thing I like to call “old school blogging”  where I write about life.  And I tell stories.  And I connect with people who make me smile, laugh and think.  It’s amazing how that can change your whole view of the online world when you jump out of the fray and into the play.

I’m just sayin’!


  1. Kickin’ it old school sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

    Sorry about your friend. That stinks.

  2. Sorry about all the icky things. I hope this post means you’ll be back here more frequently.

  3. Jenn, my wife is new to your blog and she loves it. She is just not one to make a comment, so here I am. I respect “not feelin it.” Been there. Oddly, I have found that buying a magazine that I wouldn’t normally look at can help bring a flush of motivation.

    But this little segment was hilarious and pithy! I can’t wait to read you when you are bringing the heat.

    Paul Cook

  4. *Goodluck with the PTA 🙂
    *Happy Anniversary!
    *Have a fun fun fun summer with the kids 🙂
    *and Yay! for old school blogging!

  5. As one former charter school board president to one future PTA president, are you insane? Good luck and if you ever need someone who’s “been there, done that” and knows all about crazed parents, drop me a line.

    As far as “I have been drawn to those who get me and who realize there is a huge world out there that doesn’t care about reviews, ads, stats, awards or even whether or not you get to go on a trip. They just want to talk, laugh and be there –really be there– for each other.” While it seems that I AM wrapped up in all that (well the reviews and trips)these days, I’m alway there for my fellow bloggers – especially you!

  6. So sorry about your friend, Jenn.


  7. Came over here from Alltop. Congratulations on the anniversary. And connecting with old friends.

    As a writer, I had to comment and let you know I love the quote in your header! Glad I stopped by.

    p.s. Do you write for Parenting? I write for a few parenting magazines (not Parenting, though) and I feel like I’ve seen your blog listed somewhere.

  8. “Those who have a title but I can make them cry” — this shouldn’t make me laugh, but it does. I think if I taught your kids, we’d probably laugh together.
    Take care; don’t let the Hovercraft Mamas in PTA get you down. You’re a great mom and your sense of humor has them all beat.

  9. I had five children in six years, including twins, and I live by my motto- laugh or you’ll cry.
    take good care!!

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