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Month: July 2009

Guest post: An exclusive interview with Jenn’s arm

Guest post: An exclusive interview with Jenn’s arm

Hi!  I am Jenn’s arm.  Jenn is sleeping off BlogHer so I am guest posting for her. I sort of don’t have her permission to be posting here, so let’s keep this between us.   Jenn has wonderful things to say about the amazing weekend that was BlogHer but trying to get her to form a coherent sentence is impossible.  So when I was approached by Oh No You Didn’t” Magazine to do an exclusive interview regarding the “swagontrovery” of BlogHer09, there was no way I could resist.  Just don’t tell Jenn. She doesn’t want me to discuss it.  And really don’t tell her I took over her blog.  Thanks! Jenn will be back tomorrow to post.


Boom Boom Pow ONYD:  So I have seen  you around the Interwebs on Twitter and on blog posts.  I must say, you’re not very attractive.

Jenn’s Arm: That was rude.

ONYD:  I thought that was the point.  My bad.  Okay, so I have heard several versions of what happened to you.  One blogger went as far as to say that those marks are you look like a result of shooting heroin.  What do you have to say about that?

Jenn’s Arm:  Liz?  She just needs to learn to blog with integrity.

ONYD: So you’re denying the resemblance

Jenn’s arm: You’re an idiot.  Next question.

ONYD:  Okay, so tell us in your own words what happened.

Jenn’s Arm:  I was just hanging around when Jenn decided to go into the Expo area to actually talk to vendors.  Apparently the eyes were not on the job because that place was packed.  So, there I am just minding my own business when Jenn decides to go and do something dangerous and reckless like stop and carry on a conversation with a vendor about their product.  I mean really!  Who actually stops to talk to these people?!   Grab and go! But no.  As she stood there talking intently and was obviously  not being rude or quick about it as she should have been, someone grabbed me from behind to get to the vendor’s swag.

ONYD:  Wow!  That must have been some rare or expensive stuff.

Jenn’s Arm:  Not really.  It might have been  a bag with a pen or mouse pad or a sample of detergent in it.

ONYD:  And that one person did that to you?

Jenn’s arm:  No.  The top bruise happened on a separate occasion from the one where you can clearly see the outline of the fingers that grabbed me.  So, Jenn let me get marred so she could carelessly learn about a product she was unfamiliar with or carry on a conversation with some vendor.  I mean, she could have used that time to let me grab stuff and elbow people out of the way.  But, no.  She just let me hang around.

ONYD: Did you see who did it?

Jenn’s arm:  I am an arm. I don’t have eyes.

ONYD:  You’re doing an interview.

Jenn’s arm: Shut up.

ONYD:  Okay, moving on.  Are you mad?  Is Jenn mad?

Jenn’s arm:  Jenn is not mad.  She is heartbroken. Absolutely heartbroken.  This put such an ugly light on a weekend that meant so much to her.  She is sad.  She is just very sad over behavior she saw, the backlash of it and what it has done to a community she truly loves with all of her heart.  I feel bad for her heart, actually. You can’t see the marks on him like you can on me and they are deeper and longer lasting.

Am I mad?  Oh, heck no!  I am famous!

ONYD:  Famous?

Jenn’s arm: Absolutely. I had paparazzi all weekend.  My photo was taken more than Jenn’s.  In fact, I have been approached for a book deal.

ONYD:  No way!  A book deal?

Jenn’s arm:  Yeah.  I even have a title.  “Boom Boom Pow:An Expo-Say On the Quest for Swag”  What do you think? Get it? Expo as in the Expo hall and Say as in I am saying what happened?  Get it.

ONYD: Now you’re the idiot.

Jenn’s arm:  I think this interview is over.  Any last questions?

ONYD: Can I have your autograph?

Jenn’s arm:  Talk to the hand.


Looking Back to Move Forward

Looking Back to Move Forward

Last week I was feeling very out of sorts.  I was doing that whole (pointless) survey of my life so far that always gets me grouchy.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do love my life.  I have a wonderful husband and three amazing kids.  I am able to stay home and have a job that I love.  I mean, really, what is there to be out of sorts about?

I suppose it had more to do with the “Who Am I?” question rather than “Am I Happy?” question.  Because I am happy.   Sometimes I just get bogged down in my titles and not my personality.  I became a wife at 20, a mom at 23, and a responsible (HA!) adult sometime in the past couple of years.  Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror I wonder who that middle aged woman is who is looking back at me.  Mid-life crisis?  Nah.  Just an overall wondering if I have let who I need to be, who I should be and who I am expected to be push aside who I really feel I am inside.  Does anyone recognize who I am inside? Am I still that person?

Then out of the blue like a cool glass of water for a parched soul, I got a phone call from one of my oldest and dearest friends.  A friend I have  not spoken to in years.  As in well over a decade.   He and I were inseparable in high school.  We were like a comedy duo.  Not only did we thoroughly entertain each other, we kept others in stitches.  Oh, how we laughed together!  But even more than that, we could tell each other anything.  And we did.  He knew me.  I mean, he really knew me and everything about me.  It was just the kind of friendship where I couldn’t hide who I was even if I tried.  It was through our friendship I learned how to laugh through the tears, how to laugh at the ridiculous things in life and simply how to enjoy life and laugh my way through whatever comes my way.

We went to separate colleges.  I got married.  He moved.  We lost touch.  For years I looked for him.  But?  Sometimes you just need to fall off the grid to find yourself.  I understand that.  But now, we found each other again.  And oh the laughter!  We talked on the phone for well over an hour catching up on everything under the sun.  Laughing at everything under the sun.  Sharing the pains we went through over the years as well as the celebrations.  It was like going back in time.   Even after all these years, he saw me.   He saw ME.

And I cannot even tell how much it meant to me and how much it soothed my soul.  He said things to me that I needed to hear.  I needed to hear them from him, to be precise.  At one point after dishing and laughing and just sharing life, he got quiet for a minute and said, “Darling, you haven’t changed one bit!”

I blew him off and told him how much I had changed.  How I had so many titles and so many hats that I barely recognized myself some days.

He laughed and said it again. “You haven’t changed one bit.”

I argued a bit more and tried to give him evidence of ways that I was not that fun loving, laughing, silly, optimistic and free spirit girl he used to know.

After a sigh (that really spoke volumes if you know him), he told me that after talking to him for just an hour and letting my guard down he could tell that I had obviously grown up in age and taken on adult responsibilities but underneath it all, I was still the same girl he knew and loved “back in the day” even if I couldn’t see it.

Even if I could not see it.

Sometimes maybe it takes someone from your past to see it. Someone who knew you before life piled itself on you. Someone who was there as you were becoming who you are today.  Maybe it takes someone like that to hold a mirror up to your soul to show you that you are indeed still the person you have been missing.

I haven’t lost me.  I guess I just sometimes forget to let “ME” out often enough to remember how much fun life is and how much I really do enjoy life, laughter and just being myself.

Boy am I glad I didn’t screen that call.  I would have missed an hour of laughs and a reminder of me.

Thank you, Harvey, my old friend.  You always knew how to make me keep it real.

Back to Blogging, Back to Basics

Back to Blogging, Back to Basics

I know after a long blogging absence most bloggers will write something like “I am sorry it has been so long” or “I missed blogging so much!” or something along those lines.

The truth?

I didn’t miss blogging.

I have been off the grid (with the exception of occasional Facebook or rare Twitter and of course I have had my weekly online column for Parenting) and it has felt good.  I so needed a break from the … how do I put this?  I needed a break from the drama and crap that seemed to have swirled around the mommyblogging world.  (Review or don’t review.  Ads or no ads.  Tranparency or no transparency.  Sponsorship or no sponsorship.  Enough!)  So, I just unplugged and enjoyed life without worrying about my site, my ranks,  review opporunities etc.  I just unplugged.

So what did I do?

Well, I enjoyed a week’s worth of this:

Florida Sunset

During the day I was able to relax and just enjoy the calmness of life.  I was able to actually find peace here:

My Zen Place

When it was too hot to play in the sun and surf, I hung out with these fun people:

My 3 Kids

I can’t tell you how much I needed time away from everything that was reality based.  It was good for my mental health and good for me to find peace that I am going to need for the upcoming months.  (Though, I am ready to go back and find my Zen on the beach again!)

If you emailed me and I never responded, I apologize.  I had well over 1,100 emails when I got back and I am sure I missed more than a few.  I am sorry.  If I owe you a phone call and have not gotten back to you, don’t hesitate to call me or shoot me another email telling me to get on the ball.  I know I have been out of touch at times that it was tough for others.  But for me?  It was a break I had to have!

Now?  I am working my tail off until BlogHer.  Which I hear is just around the corner.

That’s right.  I am going to BlogHer.  I figured after being there every year,  how can I miss the 5th anniversary?  The answer is, I can’t!    There is so much going on in such a few short days.  (Hello? Nintendo?  Remember me and all the work I did for you? The friendships?  The whole tattoo with “I heart Nintendo” just for you?  Looking for your email! I’m just sayin! *grin*)  Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing some old friends and catching up.  I look forward to making new friends and learning about bloggers I have only read online.  And?  I look forward to laughing with some absolutely amazing women.  Because I have some of my best laughs while I am at BlogHer. (Are you going?  Let me know!)

Until then, it is work, work, work.  (And daydreaming about the beach!)

So, I am back baby.  I can’t tell you how often I will blog or what I will blog about because I am taking it as it comes.  Here you have it.   Hope you stick around.