Why I was so happy to test drive a new microwave and stove: 3 words- White trash microwave

So before I show you how much I love my new range and microwave, let me show you what I have been working with for well over a decade.

Now, if you had to deal with that wouldn’t you want to kiss someone right on the mouth if you were offered a new microwave and stove top range to test drive?  I certainly did!

It may sound a bit unorthodox to say that I fell in love with a Frigidaire stove top range and microwave but after what you just saw, can you blame me?  I mean COME ON!  Look at what graced my home and tell me you would not feel the same way.

But they are more than just pretty, they are practical, easy to use and so inspirational in the kitchen.  I want to cook.  Okay, so maybe the desire is for the one touch chicken nuggets and popcorn is driving me on, but regardless of what caused me to fall in love, the fact of the matter is I am learning to cook as if I was never a cooking disaster.  I am enjoying my kitchen.  I am loving cooking for my family again.  That is a beautiful thing for me.

And when I do have those kitchen disasters, they are so easy to clean up.  Easy to clean.  Those are three words I love! Just check it out!

· Real Stainless Steel: Real stainless steel with a protective coating that reduces fingerprints and smudges so it’s easy to clean.
· One-Touch Self Clean: Start the self-cleaning cycle with just the touch of a button.
· Quick Clean – For a quick, light oven cleaning

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