So let’s talk about my new Frigidaire Range and Microwave!

So let’s talk about my new Frigidaire Range and Microwave!

So beautiful it makes me want to be a better woman...I mean cook!
So beautiful it makes me want to be a better woman...I mean cook!

Can I just tell you how much I am in love with my new range and microwave?  I know that people who know me are shocked….totally shocked to hear that I care even a little bit about anything that has to do with cooking.  Why?  Well, it may have something to do with the fact that I am a horrible cook.  Not bad.  Not a little un-gourmet.  But terrible.  In  fact, the stories of my cooking were so infamous, I actually received a phone call from an Oprah producer to verify the facts of my kitchen disasters.

But along comes my brand new range and microwave and my inner Julia Childs is being born.  I mean, just look at this gorgeous set that now resides in my kitchen.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with these?  You would have to be a fool to not see how these can change someone’s entire attitude.  But let’s pretend they are not gorgeous. (Even though they absolutely are!) And let’s put aside the fact that they are so  beautiful I want to redecorate my entire kitchen around them. (Because I do!)  Look at these time saving features:

  • Largest Range Capacity with Second Oven: Cook a large meal effortlessly with our double oven range, offering the largest cooking capacity       available so you can cook two meals, at different temperatures, at once.
  • Quick Preheat: Preheat in less than 6 minutes.*  *Based on single rack cooking performance, not set temperature, using Quick Preheat.
  • Quick Boil: Boils water faster.
  • One-Touch Options: Our ovens feature easy-to-use one touch buttons so you can cook pizza or chicken nuggets – or even add a minute to the timer – with the touch of a button.

Even a non-cook like myself appreciates the simplicity and amazing features such as these.  In fact, it’s these features that make me feel less intimidated and eager to cook.  Yes, I went there and said that.  Eager to cook.

But let’s not forget the amazing features of my new microwave.  I mean, my old microwave was a joke!  To have such an amazing  microwave is a blessing to me!

·       Thanks to Effortless Reheat™ you can revive almost any leftover at the touch of a button.

·       Our SpaceWise™ Rack creates more room so you can cook multiple dishes at once.

·       Easy-to-use One-Touch Options let you cook chicken nuggets, baked potatoes or popcorn at the touch of a button.

I mean I can pop popcorn during a movie with just one touch and not burn it.  I can reheat the great meal I cooked from the night before and it is actually thoroughly heated!  I can even cook more than one thing at a time in the microwave on those nights I just don’t feel like cooking AND it is actually very cook.  There is nothing “microwave tasting” about those meals.  For me and my family, that is a blessing!

I will even invite you over for dinner one night.  Just call ahead because my new Frigidaire range and microwave did not come with a house cleaner.  BUT, now I have more time to clean since I am spending less time worrying about what to cook, how to cook it and whether or not I will mess it up.  Frigidaire makes it too easy to worry!

This post was written in conjunction with Frigidaire and Mom Central. I was sent a Frigidaire range and microwave to try with my family. All of the opinions expressed in these Frigidaire posts are mine and mine alone.

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