A fairytale about how I love my Frigidaire stove top range and microwave

A fairytale about how I love my Frigidaire stove top range and microwave

So let me tell you a little story about a woman who was hopeless in the kitchen but found true love with a new stove and microwave.

You see, this woman became very grumpy every day about 2 hours before dinner time because she knew she had to cook.  She hated to cook.  Every time she made an attempt at a good and nutritious mean, she usually burned it.  Her favorite dinner was ordering Chinese food or pizza to avoid the tears– both those of her family and herself.  Her stove was old, dirty and never heated up properly.  Her microwave burned popcorn yet couldn’t thoroughly reheat a meal. And? That microwave didn’t even have a proper handle.  This woman was sad.  So very sad!

One day she was offered a chance by Mom Central and Frigidaire to test drive a new stove top range and microwave.  The woman was overjoyed!  Could this be the miracle she had been waiting for?  Was it less of a curse than it was just very poor appliances that made her such a menace in the kitchen?  She could hardly wait to meet her new friends Mr. Microwave and Mrs. Range.

My Frigidaire fairies deliver my dreams!
My Frigidaire fairies deliver my dreams!

The day came when her magic fairies came to bring her new appliances to her.  She gasped with pleasure over their beauty.  A chorus of cheers went up around the house as her old appliances were sent packing and her new ones were gently placed in her kitchen.  She was almost too afraid to touch them.

Before she could doubt herself, it was dinner time.  That fateful time of night when she would cry or call someone to delivery nutrition for her family.  That night this woman cooked.  She cooked a real meal.  And there was much rejoicing because Frigidaire made this process painless, easy and a joy to do.

Oh, this woman knew she would never look back on her cursed cooking life again.  Not when she had her new loves in her kitchen:  Mr. Microwave and Mrs. Range.  There was much rejoicing in her home as her family began to get used to smelling non-burned food and nutritional goodness coming from their kitchen.

And this woman?  This woman who hated cooking so much?  She is still–months later– madly in love with her Frigidaire Range and Microwave.

And they lived happily ever after.

So NOT the end.

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