Ten Years

Ten Years

Ten Years...
Ten Years...

Ten Years…

Of living one day at a time.

Of living life on life’s terms.

Of living with courage rather than fear.

Of living a grateful life.

Of living.

Ten Years…

Of not wondering if I would wake up in the morning or die in my sleep.

Of not being afraid for my children when in my care.

Of not feeling worthless and useless.

Of not using anything I can get my hands on to not feel.

Of not hating myself every day I drew a breath.

Ten Years…

Of learning how to be powerless but not hopeless.

Of learning not to regret my past nor shut the door on it.

Of learning to love others more than my own self serving desires.

Of learning how my experiences can help others.

Of learning to let go, let God and live life.

Ten Years…

Of saying ‘No’ when yes would be so much easier sometimes.

Of saying ‘I am sorry’ when I have amends to make.

Of saying ‘I love you’ to a husband who never left my side through it all.

Of saying ‘Thank you’ to friends who love me in spite of rather than because of.

Of saying “I am grateful today’ everyday and meaning it.

11 thoughts on “Ten Years

  1. That is just awesome. Anyone who has been down that road (or loves someone who has) knows what an accomplishment that is.

  2. CONGRATS. that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing and you know we are all rooting for you and wishing you the best!

  3. Wow, such a powerful piece. Thank you for being so honest and putting this out there. Congratulations and best wishes as you take each day one at a time.

  4. That rocks! Love you girl!

    As it turns out, I think the very first comment I made here was exactly 2 years ago on #8!

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