When family calls, everything else gets put on hold. See also: No, I Did Not Go To BlogHer.

Quick update:  I haven’t been home for about 3 weeks.  Many of you wonderful readers have send me emails or called to check up in me.  One of you smart alecs went as far as to say that silence from me- especially for so long everywhere online- is the sign of end times.  Or at least that something is wrong.  I am okay.   There was a crisis situation in my family.  The story is not mine to tell.  I’ll just say that there is no where on Earth I would ever be when someone in my family needs me.  Ever.

I’ve been asked if I won the Energizer sponsorship.  The answer is no. (Go ahead & slap your hand on the desk in frustration.  I know you feel I was robbed.  It’s okay.  I’ll just buy Duracell until we get over it.)  However,  not winning a contest wasn’t  going to keep me from going to NYC.   I’ve never missed BlogHer and had no intention of missing this year.  Things were lined up, planned and looking good to go.  I found ways that would get me there.  But you know what?  Sometimes life happens.

A family emergency or crisis or whatever you want to call it came up.  As much as I love BlogHer and the friends I only see each year and the chance to see the wonderful PR reps I work with throughout the year — as much as I love all of that,  I love my family more.  Family first. Always! No questions asked.

So the Monday before I was to leave, I had to call my roomie and let her know. (This is where I say that Busy Mom kicks so  much coolness ass, it’s off the charts!)  I will not lie and say that I was totally cool and knew it wouldn’t even cross my mind that I was  not in NYC but I will say with all truthfulness, there absolutely would not be any way to get me away from where I was at that time.

So there you have it.   I gave you the brief lowdown on going to BlogHer, then not going to BlogHer and that when someone in your family has a crisis, nothing else in the world matters.  Nothing.   I would make the same choice again and again every single time if I had to choose between BlogHer or being right where I’ve been with family.

It’s family.  Family is what it’s all about, right?

Next up: So if I didn’t go to NYC and I’ve been out of town, where did I go? Tales of HomeHer ’10!


  1. You were so very missed. Next year, without a doubt.

  2. Ditto. I missed our little chats!

  3. Missed you much. Like Janet Jackson, yo.

  4. San Diego, Fo Sho.

  5. I’m sorry that you missed BlogHer (I would have loved to have met you, though I’m typically a lurker, and you’d have wondered who the hell I am!), but if there’s ever a good reason to chuck whatever plans may have been made, it’s family. In a very different way, I’m sure, I was reminded of that fact myself this week. And, I too, drop everything else when that call comes.

    Best to you and your family…

  6. We’ll just have to double-up on the fun, next year!!!

  7. I enjoyed the Energizer bunny metaphor and pledge to use duracell…funny stuff.

  8. family is indeed what it’s all about.

  9. While I am certainly disappointed that the opportunity to meet you slipped away, and certainly NYC is lesser for not having had your here for BlogHer, certainly the situation of family first is always understandable. Of course this just underlines how awesome you are.

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