Pondering: To reveal or not to reveal? That is the blogging question.

Pondering: To reveal or not to reveal? That is the blogging question.

This 30 Days or Truth project has really had me thinking.

How much do I want to reveal?

How intimate do I want to get with y’all?

I’ve never held back before. My honesty has always been what has brought people to my blog and kept them here. Hell, it even brought me an agent. I don’t hold back. Like in life, it is all or none with me. It’s just how I am. Anything else feels phony.  The truth is I’ve never really had a reason to hold back before now.

So,here I am actually debating whether or not I should hold back more and wonder if I will let insignificant people put a muzzle on me or if I will push on through. I don’t hold back because I care what they think. I hold back because I cringe at the thought of these people even looking at my site. It’s as if they come into my home uninvited, put their feet on my furniture, act repugnantly and then leave their stench behind. That’s not cool with me.

BUT… you knew there would be a but here….BUT, this is my  house and I will not be someone I am not, hold back from something I want to say or act in any way that is not 100% me. That is a game for posers. Not one I play am willing to play with them or anyone else.  I suppose I am lucky that this blog having been around since early 2003, I have never once felt the need to hold back. I haven’t had the trolls, the haters or the game players come around. I have been blessed.

And I will not go quietly. This is me. I ask just one thing:

If you don’t like my writing, don’t like me or don’t want to read this, go to that little X in the corner and leave. It’ll make all of us happy in the long run.

Am I right?

So I push forth…

3 thoughts on “Pondering: To reveal or not to reveal? That is the blogging question.

  1. Margaret- Wow, this comment is EXACTLY what I was talking about. Some “not-so-nice-in-fact-she’s-a-mentally-imbalanced-woman-with-a-dark-heart” women who will twist everything I say or do. You totally get it and me. Thanks for your awesome encouragement!

    You are not a “lowly blogger.” There’s no such thing. Now, people who are LOW when they blog and are out to hurt people, that is one thing. You are a blogger. You have the same footing as any of the rest of us. Just sayin! 😉

  2. In a strange way, what you said about insignificant people muzzling you reminds me of the sticking point I have in writing publicly myself–my husband’s (not-so-nice-in-fact-she’s-a-mentally-imbalanced-woman-with-a-dark-heart) ex-wife reads my blog. She constantly twists what I say so as to hurt my husband and his older kids. She is why I took a long break from blogging–though I hadn’t *ever* had the kind of platform you did.

    I got back into it. Slowly. With a “Damn-the-torpedoes” attitude, which admittedly wavered at times. My advice (for what it’s worth–two cents seems generous coming from this lowly blogger)is: Plow through–keep going.

    And thank you for paving the way for so many of us.

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