Thankful for You

Thankful for You

I know Thanksgiving has come and gone but I am thankful for so many of the wonderful people in my life. This year was only the second year in my life that I spent Thanksgiving away from my Dad, sister and extended family. The last time I didn’t spend it with them was because  I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and traveling was a no-no. This year it was a combination of sharing them with my newest extended family members and medical issues. Mainly, the medical issues.

I will admit as I sat around our table of five, I became overwhelmed with gratitude. Clint worked so hard (for two days!) fixing us an amazing Thanksgiving feast.  We ate on our best china with candles and everything. As I listened to my family laugh and talk and enjoy being together, I’ll admit, I did tear up. I am blessed. The family Clint and I have created over the last 20 years is one of most amazing blessings in my life. I am thankful for them.

The long weekend was a nice break from doctors, hospitals, ER’s and all things dealing with needles, tests and doctors. But, as we have reached Monday, we are back into that awful groove again. Back to more doctors, more tests, more hospitals.

Do you know- even after all these years online with you readers and my friends both far and near- I am always so touched when I post about my fears, the medical struggles, my tears over my child’s suffering and within seconds of posting I receive such an amazing outpouring of love and support. From good friends who’ve known me forever to people who have never met me in person but have come to know me online and everyone in between, you’ve been an amazing support for me and my kiddo. Thank you! I am grateful to you.

I wanted to thank you for that. Thank you for caring about someone you may or may not have ever hugged in person yet still send love, prayers and hugs my way. You make a difference in my life. And? I appreciate you. Yes, YOU. The time you take to just let me know you’re thinking about us means so much to me. Even when you just stop by, read what I have to say either here or elsewhere and just take a moment to wish us well mentally, it’s appreciated that you even took the time to read my words.

I hope I never take you all for granted because you keep me writing, keep me strong when I feel I need a boost and make me laugh when I need it most. In short, y’all rock.

Happy Monday. We’re off to yet another appointment. I’ll keep you updated in the usual ways.

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  1. I came to your site searching for a blog about coffee but what I found was something heartfelt and wonderful. Seems like a nice blog by a nice person. Thanks

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