Goals for 2011 (Because resolutions are so 1999!)

Focus On Your Goals!

Focus On Your Goals!

  • To finally get the house ORGANIZED the way I want it so everyone is happy and there is less chaos.
  • To focus more on healthy living.
  • Cook more. (No, really!)
  • Write every single day! (For work AND fun!) ((Anyone in Plano area interested in a writer’s group?))
  • Try a new recipe with each kid once a month. (Yes, Gabby, it is time to learn to cook for real.)
  • Embrace every moment with the kids- even the “mundane” activities.
  • Listen.
  • Take better care of me. No longer putting myself in last place.
  • To get up and DANCE more rather than sitting back and just observing as I have been.
  • To embrace life more fully!
  • To say “yes” more often when asked to play– from Barbies to video game to just pretend play.
  • Eat as a family more.
  • STOP being afraid to let people into my life. (Letting go of the fear of being hurt again.)
  • More date nights with my husband.
  • Learn to stop trying to make everyone else happy & just BE happy.
  • Put myself out there for more freelance work.
  • Run that 5k! (I need Plano jogging/workout buddies!)
  • Stay caught up on laundry and actually hang up those clothes. (That’s for you, Daddy.)
  • Re-establish my “Open Door” policy for my  home.
  • Connect, reconnect & stay connected with the people in my life who should hear from me more.
  • Volunteer when & where I want to because it makes me happy & I love to do it. No pressure.
  • HAND WRITE a letter to a friend or loved one at least once a month.

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