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Month: May 2011

Mommy Needs Coffee Blog Facebook Page

Mommy Needs Coffee Blog Facebook Page

Did you know that Mommy Needs Coffee has it’s own Facebook page? That’s right. I bet at least one of my two readers hasn’t found it yet. Fear not. You can go over to Facebook and visit the Mommy Needs Coffee Blog page and comment, like it or both. (Both would be awesome.) It’s not like I base ALL of my self worth on my number of “fans” (or as I like to call them “friends”) or anything. No really. Okay, maybe on Mondays and when I PMS but otherwise… not as much as those times.

While you are there, tell me what you want to see on Mommy Needs Coffee. Is there anything you want me to write about? Anything I write about already that you want to read about more often. (I’ve see my stats. I know you people love it when I talk addiction or PTA.) Is there anything I started to talk about and left you hanging and you want to know how things turned out? ┬áDo you want to dare me to do something? (Yeah. I can’t promise I will do it but it could be fun!) All of my updates show up there, too. So if you forget┬áto come by here (not that YOU would), FB can remind you. (Isn’t that totally nice of them?)

Mommy Needs Coffee

Promote Your Page Too

I want you to want me. (Yes, I went there and popped off a Cheap Trick lyric but only because it’s true.)

I need you to need me. (Oops! There I go again.)

I’d love you to “like” me! (So, I changed it up a bit. It happens!)

See you over on the F.B., my friends! (Let me know if you stopped by. I’ll stalk ya back. But I mean that in a good way. Not the way that creepy person in the corner means it. For real.)