The summer before it all changes…Or how do I officially have a high school senior planning for college?!

The summer before it all changes…Or how do I officially have a high school senior planning for college?!

Ahhh, my sweet, beloved (and neglected) blog readers. You’re still here. I love you to the moon and back for checking in on me here in this tiny, dusty corner of the Interwebs.  Summer break has finally begun. (Why, yes, that IS the Hallelujah Chorus you hear!) I am one of those rare breed of moms who loves summer break with her kids. I adore having them around. Truth be told, they make me laugh so much! We have a good time.

So, I officially have a high school senior, a high school sophomore and a fifth grader.  “So what?” you ask. (First, that is rude. Don’t be rude.) A  s-e-n-i-o-r in HIGH school. High freakin’ school. As in, I am planning for college. For someone I gave birth to. How is that even possible?? First of all, I am too young. Second of all, he is too young. Third of all, COLLEGE? We get to go on college visitations. We get to discuss majors. We talk about the real question of “What do you want to be when  you grow up?” conversations. Wha-huh?

When I started my first online journal I had two kids. I now have three. When I started this baby– Mommy Needs Coffee– I had three kids ages 2, 7 and 9. My babies. Now? I have one talking about college. How did that happen so fast? Trust me, mommybloggers– those of you who think these days of diapers, toddlers, playdates and tiny people will never end– it comes up on you so fast you won’t know what happened. You’ll blink and before you know it, you’ll be planning for college, scheduling SATs, getting driving tests taken and watching those little babies drive off towards their very own lives.

And you will be proud. And sad. And happy. And overwhelmed. And excited. And scared. And it will be one of the most amazing times in your life.

Or? You’ll live in denial. That works, too.

11 thoughts on “The summer before it all changes…Or how do I officially have a high school senior planning for college?!

  1. It moves so fast. I am not near the stage you are describing but I am wondering how it went so fast from the breastfeeding to playschool. Gotta enjoy it while you can! 🙂

  2. Wow, time flies! How exciting (and terrifying! and bittersweet!) that you’re bringing your son through the college application and leaving the nest (gulp!) process.

  3. Yep, once summer ends, I also will have a s-e-n-i-o-r in high freakin’ school and, well, that just ain’t right, my friend. I mean, she got her license yesterday. WTH?!? We are FAR too young for this sort of stuff, right? RIGHT?!? Yeah, I thought so. <3

  4. They just seem to grow up so fast. Enjoy the year. It’ll prepare you for the next two senior years coming up.

  5. I’m torn about summer break. On the one hand: Yay! No early wake ups, no fighting about homework, no schedules. On the other hand: holy hell stop with the fighting, the bickering, the “he touched me!” Gah! Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

    1. In that way I have it pretty good in that the older boys get along great or one is just not hear so they won’t argue. There is such an age difference with Gabby and the other 2 they never fight. BUT that being said, I am the social director of all things to entertain Gabby. And that gets rough after a couple weeks.

      Good luck with the arguing. May you have a peaceful summer!

  6. Time really does tear by–when I first met my stepkids they were six and four. The oldest just finished her first year off at college…holy smokes!

    Enjoy the summer with them!

    1. How does it go by so fast when the first 6 weeks seem to last so long? 😉

      I love my summer with my kids. I hope I can post some fun things and good pictures.

      (How was that first year of college for your oldest?)

      1. She did fabulously well. She’s becoming a pretty impressive young woman. I only wish I knew her better…

  7. I, too, am one of those Mommies that LOVE having my kids home on break! Our summer break doesn’t start for a few more weeks, however. I can relate to you having one going off to college because next year I have one going off to HS and I am feeling like “how the hell did that happen?” Good luck in your search and with the grown up questions. I know where to come in 3 more years 🙂

    1. Oh, I am sure (if the Senior allows it) I will be posting about my year of searching for how to let go a bit. OR about my total denial!

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