A carpool PSA because you’re probably doing it wrong

A carpool PSA because you’re probably doing it wrong

The beginning of every school year it takes a while for new parents to adjust to how the carpool works. You do NOT want to mess with the carpool lane. Hey, you over there who is probably thinking that since your kid is older you can ignore the rules. No. Bad driver. You are most definitely doing it wrong!

If you are at the Elementary School That Shall Go Unnamed, for the love of all things ticket worthy, do not– under any circumstances– ┬áturn left. Ever. They even took down a sign that every school I’ve been to has up declaring “No drugs. No guns. No weapons.” to put up a No left turn sign. It’s so not a joke. The police are watching you. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know.

No Left Turn EVER!

So for all of you who think you can get away with a new year, break the rules, you can’t. You will be called out because you are doing it wrong.


9 thoughts on “A carpool PSA because you’re probably doing it wrong

  1. Since reading this post, I’ve thought of you every day as I shout expletives (windows closed; children safely at school) at the drivers turning left whilst exiting the school parking lot.

    Today it took a driver a full 4 minutes to make that left turn. Good thing he saved all that gas and time by turning left instead of right!


  2. I still don’t get how they call kids who get driven to school walkers?!?

  3. When I was a kid, I remember my dad always being the parent who drove the wrong way through the drop off line, and made the wrong turns, and stopped in the wrong spots. It drove me crazy. (and elicited more than one hand signal from other parents, if you know what I mean)

  4. I totally think of this exact scene every time I drop my son off in the carpool lane. That first day, I was so terrified that I’d do it wrong that I practically tossed him out of the car so I wouldn’t hold up the line. Memories!

  5. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who gets her panties in a wad about people that do it wrong.

  6. Good advice. And nice job using a clip from one of the BEST MOVIES EVER!!!! Someone get me my woobie.

  7. THAT is exactly why I thank my lucky stars that a school bus stops at the end of the driveway for my kids!

  8. thank you, thank you for this PSA from the mom who has walked her kids to school over the years and is genuinely fearful of and tired of dodging the moms who drive their big-assed SUVs to drop their little darlin’s off at school.
    loved the video clip!

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