I need more time.

I need more time.

It is a rare moment when I am able to see all three of my kids together in one place. Interacting. Laughing. Being siblings. Enjoying each other. I stood back and watched them as they teased, laughed and were just being who they are. My mind raced back to the early days when I never thought the day would come when all three of them would be able to not only get along but enjoy being with each other by their own choice. I used to worry that the age difference between the boys and my daughter would keep her from being a part of the sibling gang of fun. (She can certainly hold her own with her brothers!) I thought the boys who spent the first half of their lives fighting would never get along and now they are best friends.

I watched through eyes that were suddenly blurry with tears I refused to shed. I am not ready for my oldest to be preparing for college.

Please slow down time. Let it last longer. I’m not ready for them to grow up so fast.  Please slow down.

As  I sat waiting for Brandon’s x-rays to be finished after his car wreck, I was scrolling through old pictures on my phone. They dated back several years. It felt like just a few months. I laughed at a picture taken in an unguarded moment of my boys laughing together at what I can only assume is something better left unknown to me. My heart warmed to see a picture of all of us at the Texas State Fair with Gabby proudly perched on top of Brandon’s shoulders grinning from ear to ear. I choked up at a picture of  Z trying to teach Gabby the keyboard. I laughed at a picture of Gabby and Brandon lying on the couch playing video games. I smiled at this year’s first day of school pictures.

Please slow down time. Let it last longer. I’m not ready for them to grow up so fast. Please slow down.

I’ve come across so many toys, pictures, artwork and memories as I attempt the massive project of completely decluttering the house. (It’s a 10 year plan.) I’ve found massive amounts of Hot Wheels. I never thought the day would come when I wouldn’t be dodging Hot Wheels littering my floor trying not to slip and fall by stepping on one. Now they lie in a toy box or in a drawer unused, dusty, and forgotten. The boys have moved onward and upward to images and dreams of real sports cars and desires for their own car to drive. I clutched one to my chest and felt a longing for the days when I’d heard the boyish sounds of vrrooooom vrooooom CRASH! coming from the other room. Now the stakes are higher and when there is a wreck it is real and people can get hurt.

Please slow down time. Let it last longer. I’m not ready for them to grow up so fast. Please slow down.

I packed away dolls and Barbies and Dora and Blue’s Clues and wondered exactly when all of those stopped being the most popular toys in Gab’s collection and favorite shows to watch. I wanted to know exactly. Why didn’t it happen in a moment worthy of a memory stamp in my  mind so I could hold onto it? I’m sure it was gradual but it seems like it happened overnight. Those things have been replaced with shows for tweens, music that is mainstream and drama that is supposed to be a part of my past not her future. When did the baby dolls get replaced with electronics? When did rocking her to sleep get replaced with her curling up in her bed with a book even adults enjoy?

Please slow down time. Let it last longer. I’m not ready for them to grow up so fast. Please slow down.

Our house echos with laughter when we are together. If we are all home, you better believe it is loud. We laugh. We scream across the house at each other. We play. We chase. We tease. We support. We spent a lot of our time laughing- with each other and sometimes in fun at each other- but we are always having fun. When tensions are high for one reason or another, we hug it out or laugh it out. I can always, always count on my kids to make me laugh. Through the hard times. Through the scary times. Through the good times. Through the awkward times. I sometimes forget not every family laughs with and at each other as much as we do. And,  yes, there are times when the way we interact with each other may seem strange to others but it works for us. We thrive in it! Every single burst of laughter we share together fills our home with memories that will echo forever. I so want the laughter to stay just as it is. Not one voice left out or moved on.

Please slow down time. Let it last longer. I’m not ready for them to grow up so fast. Please slow down.

I always promised I wouldn’t be the mom who can’t let go. Well, I now amend that to mean I promise I won’t be the mom who won’t let her children grow and move on. I can promise you now I will never let go. I will just let them become the young people they are destined to become. The thing is? It is happening too quickly for this mom. I’m so proud of them. I know they are good people and will be amazing out on their own when the times comes. I just wish there was more time here at home with all 5 of us before things change.

Please slow down time. Let it last longer. I’m not ready for them to grow up so fast. Please slow down.


11 thoughts on “I need more time.

  1. LOVE that first pic – your kids will always be that age in my mind’s eye. How can they be so grown up already? What a pleasure it has been, walking this road with you. Your family is beautiful – just how I imagined it would be, back then.

    Love you!

  2. such a great post – I have 2 boys – one turning 5 and one turning 11 within the next month. . .time is moving so quickly – thanks for reminding me to enjoy the moments that drive me crazy – because someday I will miss them!


  3. Yesterday we watched football (sad, bad, frustrating football) and ate together – activities I used to take for granted, but now happen less and less. Sometimes I miss them so much and we still all live in the same house together…

  4. Oh, sure, I was all, like, yay, Monday, GO TO SCHOOL! and now I’m all, like, wait, COME BACK! Nice post, my friend.

  5. When my eldest was a few weeks old, I remember bawling hysterically because I knew it would go by fast. “Someday, he’ll leave us and grow up!” My husband shrugged me off, saying that we had plenty of time, but I KNEW BETTER. Pffft! Just like that, 12 years have flown by and they aren’t slowing down, that’s for sure.

    FYI, I think it’s funny that my oldest had that red shirt with “it’s my brother’s fault” on it, too. Now my younger son owns it and it still applies. 🙂

  6. It is amazing how time works differently when it comes to our children, isn’t it?

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. It’s so funny because when our kids are babies, it seems like it’ll be forever before they’re out of the house, and other moms (of older kids) tell us to enjoy it because it goes by so fast but we’re like, “Nah, she’s crazy…” (or whatever). Then suddenly you blink, and POOF! They’re grown up. It’s so weird. Makes a great case for living in the moment, doesn’t it?

  8. They just grow up so fast. Been there, done that. And some day, I’ll tell you the rest of the story.

    Enjoy your children.
    So happy to know you, even if it is an electronic friendship. So very happy.

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