When everything goes wrong, dance it out.

When everything goes wrong, dance it out.

I am ready for this week to end. In fact, I am ready for this month to end. (And we’re only halfway there!) So, what has kept me from blogging, writing and being social in general? It’s hard to do those things while either sleeping, at a doctor or dealing with insurance companies.  Here is a boring little bullet point type run down on what is going on but without those cute little “bullet point” points in front of them.

I’ve been playing Doctor Roulette. I’ve made it to the “Name That Condition” round. It’s kind of like a lightening round except totally not in that it seems to drag on forever. I have some swollen glands and found a knot behind my ear about the size of a cherry that should not be there so we are hoping for mono. (Yes, I did type “hoping for mono” because when a doctor tells you that sounds like the best case for these things, you hope for mono.) With the extreme headaches and fatigue, we have a good shot at that.

My son was in a car accident. Not his fault at all. He was rear ended by a teen driver who appeared to have been distracted and didn’t notice my son slow down  as a car in front of him slowed down to turn. It is not fun to pull up and find your son sitting down and his car looks like this:

(The front of the car looks about like the back. The other cars have only cosmetic damage.) Thankfully, my son will be okay. Nothing is broken. He was hurt but nothing is broken and he walked away. That is my blessing for the week. I don’t care how old he is, he is still my baby. And, yes, I have been hovering. It’s my job.

My van was broken into. That just made me mad. I had things in that van that you would THINK someone would want to take. Things like CD’s. (Does that mean my taste in music sucks?) Nintendo 3DS games and DS games. (Those are cool!) I also had a power converter (2!) in the car. I had checks and cash in there, too. AND I had a 12 pack of Diet Coke. (They are lucky they didn’t take that! That would have pushed me over the edge. Some things are sacred.) They took none of that. They took  my toll tag. (Yes, for real. The kicker of that is I called today to report it- a week later because I have been a bit busy- and they said there has been NO activity on it. What?! If you steal it, at least respect me enough to use it. Now, I’m mad.) Also, an adapter so that you can listen to your MP3 player through your radio. It was old- in tech years. Here is the kicker: I had a newer MP3 adapter that was not taken right there beside the other one. That is all that I could tell that was taken.  Two things. Two dumb things and one hasn’t even been used. Not that I wanted more things taken but for crying out loud, these thieves were idiots.

I had to take some medication that I did not want to take but was necessary. Because I had to take it, it made me more sensitive in general. Grumpy. Disappointed. Sad. That makes life at home for the rest of the family not so fun.

I miss my sister friends. I miss them so much I’m about to get in my van (minus my toll tag and old MP3 converter but with cool CDs) and just go get them. I need that boost. They remind me who I really am and that the real me is loved because it is the real me. Of course, if I go get all of them, I have to drive all over the country and even to Canada. Seeing as I can barely go to the store without needing a nap right now, I don’t think I can make that kind of a road trip. Yet.

So, there you have it. My week. I am very happy it is Friday.

And because it was all such a downer, here is something I hope makes you laugh. Now, the banana… If you know me, you know that I would be horrified by him doing that to me. However, my goal is to react like the security guard before BlogHer’12. (Hey, a girl has to have goals!) I think I  heart the security guard because he  reminds me of my friends. It’s totally something we would do.  Or at least a lot of them. Some would just keep talking while the rest of us do it and they would not even bat an eye of shock or surprise. (That is SO why I love them!)

So when my head no longer hurts, I hope you’ll join me in busting a move and schooling the banana! When in doubt, dance it out!


11 thoughts on “When everything goes wrong, dance it out.

  1. Someone got in my van in the spring and took my bowling bag. Really? You wanna lug a 12 lb. ball and shoes around? I guess they tired of it because my neighbors 2 houses down found it by their trash cans and thankfully returned it. That shi*’s expensive.

  2. Jenn, wishing you the very best. If you can post that video after all you’ve been through and dance, I can too and did.

  3. Wow it’s been a rough bit for you! Hoping that the weekend provides some rest from all the chaos.

    1. I got it just for you! Now go like/friend/whatever so it doesn’t look so sad!

  4. Ha! I totally agree with dancing it out!

    My van was broken into last year and they didn’t take any of the cash I’d left in there (a measely $20) but they did take my book bag with all my EMT textbooks in it! Thankfully someone found it about 10 blocks away and it had a piece of paper in it with my phone number on it so I took that to be a sign that PEOPLE ARE GOOD! 😀

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