I hope the world doesn’t end in 2012 cause it’s been good so far

Last night I had an awesome New Year’s Eve. No, I didn’t go out and party like a rock star. (I’m getting old, y’all!)

I hung out with my daughter. Oh, yes, she chose that, too. (And let me just tell you having an 18 year old and a 16 year old, I know how quickly time goes before they are out the door with friends.)

We watched a movie. We played games. (Seriously? Mad Gab had us totally cracking up for couple of hours.) We pulled Clint into the mix and he joined us in a rousing game of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Cheese Touch. We laughed. We were silly. We had fun. We gorged ourselves on junk food and soda.

Some traditions we usually do on NYE went by the wayside as we just let the night unfold and laughed and played our way through it. At midnight, we hugged, we kissed, we toasted and we laughed some more.

By 1:45am, we were all tucked into bed with full bellies and happy hearts.

May all of 2012 be so blessed.

Happy New Year, my friends. May your dreams come true this year.

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  1. happy new year to you too. Good to know that kids of these age that to at age 18 and 16 are liking to spend time with parents in new years eve.

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