Ready. Set. The beginning of the last semester at 3 schools.

Ready. Set. The beginning of the last semester at 3 schools.

Today marks the second semester of this school year. As I frantically try to get the kids back into a routine, I don’t have time to think about what a monumental year this will be for all of my children. But as the house became quiet and it was just me and the Doberbutt, it sank it.

It is my oldest son’s graduating year. After 13 years we are finally seeing the finish line. I will admit with no shame at all, I did cry ¬†when I ordered his graduation announcements and they handed me his “commemorative tassel” to mark this his senior year. How did it go by so quickly?

It is the final year at the high school for my middle son who will be moving on to the senior high school next year. His final school in our journey before he, too, looks graduation in the face.

And in a very surreal and bittersweet time, we mark the final year for my daughter at her elementary school that I have been actively involved in for 13 years. My last baby leaving elementary school. A school that has brought so many wonderful and heartbreaking moments. It will be both sad to see us leave the amazing and outstanding staff at the school we have come to know so well.

Yet, with each of these monumental changes, I can’t help but be excited. So many wonderful beginnings will be coming up after this school semester. But first, we will go through some sad goodbyes.

But for now I will enjoy each and every moment this time brings our way. It is our time to celebrate how far each of us have come. I will cherish all of it.

Now, if someone can slow it down a bit, that would be great!

4 thoughts on “Ready. Set. The beginning of the last semester at 3 schools.

  1. That senior year has come far too quickly. I feel like it was only yesterday my son was five foot nothing nervously walking through the doors to his high school for the first time. Now at five nine he approaches those same doors with an air of confidence and ownership. The transformation to a mature, self confident young man has been an exciting and enjoyable journey. Now we face the challenge of letting them go to spread their wings and try to navigate the world on their own. Good luck to these yound ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2012. I have confidence in the direction you will lead us.

  2. Our family just went through this transition too! It’s bittersweet to watch them grow up, but I agree with Liz — hallelujah to no more carpool lanes in elementary school!

  3. This is our last year at 4 schools, so, yeah, I feel ya! 13 years at this elementary school, it will be a bittersweet goodbye. Won’t be missing the carpool lanes.

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