Some sort of resolutions that I may or may not keep but chances are I’ll break one before I even hit publish.

Let’s face it, I don’t really do resolutions. These are the goals I wrote last year. Yeah. I sucked. So why set myself up to look back at 2012 and think “Gee, that was a massive fail.”

There are some I will do (or die trying) without a doubt.

  • Finish and hand over to my agent my original manuscript. Bonus points if I can hand over the one I wrote when I couldn’t write the first one. Goal date for my agent to be blown away: 6/2/12. (That gives me 6 months to edit and polish at least one.)
  • Blog here at least every other day. Okay, let’s be real here: at least once a week. (True desire? Every day.)
  • Get healthier. Basically, become happier in my own skin while getting fit. Not after. During.
  • Never, ever hand over control of my life or my emotions to anyone undeserving of my all.

I think I can handle 4. Will you support me? More importantly, do I get bonus point for finishing any of these early?



  1. Wait, isn’t there a rule stating we get bonus for finishing early? 😀
    Happy New Year!

  2. There absolutely should be a bonus for finishing early! =)
    I love your goals. I especially love your extra note of not after, but during.

    So by support, does that mean I get to like bug you on facebook if you don’t post in too long? 😉

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