YES! This is the original Mommy Needs Coffee! Stay. Pleeeeeease! [Updated]

YES! This is the original Mommy Needs Coffee! Stay. Pleeeeeease! [Updated]

Updated at the bottom

Okay so here is the deal.

Mommy Needs Coffee has lived on a server we’ll call Richard for a while. Richard can get quite moody. It seems as if Richard has devoured Mommy Needs Coffee whole because he is either blog eating zombie pain in my ass or is just really mean. So, we are starting fresh.

Please feel free to cry with me now.

There is a chance we can get Richard to throw up the past NINE AND A HALF YEARS of blog posts, but we are not sure. We are taking him from his current home in PITAville and bringing it here for some CPR. (Computer Puking Response) in hopes of recovering the last NINE AND A HALF YEARS of blog posts.

Please feel free to cry with me now.
But, no, this is not a new blog. It is a still me. Just naked. And without the past NINE AND A HALF YEARS of posts. I will try to make it pretty. Or? I will start over somewhere else if this doesn’t work. Because? I am absolutely sick over this. Mommy Needs Coffee? Why, yes, she does, but right now now she needs herย NINE AND A HALFย YEARSย of posts back.

Please feel free to cry with me now.


Update: Thanks to Margaret for suggesting there is evidence out there somewhere andย Genevieve and her brilliance of thinking of Google Reader, if Richard devoured my entire blog, I have back to July 2007 in full posts. That still loses 4 years but at least it isn’t ALL nine and a half years. THANK YOU. If I had some awesome gift, I’d totally give it to you.

27 thoughts on “YES! This is the original Mommy Needs Coffee! Stay. Pleeeeeease! [Updated]

  1. It’s always so great to meet new blogging friends. Got any kids?

    1. Kids? That would make me a *gasp* mommyblogger! Oh, the horror! Wait. I founded that site. Nevermind.

      But, yes, I have kids. And apparently very snarky friends! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I really REALLY hope everything can be found on google reader or Richard decides to puke everything back up for you! Nine and a half years is a lot too loose ๐Ÿ™

    1. You aren’t kidding. Every day I remember a post and think, “OH NO! I can’t lose that. It was funny!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. And to think, this really IS the first time I’ve stopped here. I feel like a virgin with you naked site and all that. Good luck to digging up the old posts.

    1. Thanks! And welcome. I am working on what I can to at least make this prettier.

    1. Now that just hurts, Busy Mom. I’m not a newbie. I’m not. I’m not. *stomp stomp pout*

  4. I’m so so sorry you’re going through this, Jenn. Hugs and all that. I’ve been there. Not with my blog, but with the the first 2 years of Middle’s life in pix. Moms aren’t supposed to do that! We’re supposed to hold onto those precious babyhood pictures and look at them tearfully every few months. But. They. Were. Gone.

    Like that.

    I cried. I screamed. I yelled. I let a lot of people have it over at HP and Microsoft who broke my computer. Killed it.

    Also in there? My manuscripts for 2 books and outlines for several more.


    Oh, but those pictures. Still makes me uptight and it’s now 5 years later, almost to the day.

    I know you want to go out a punch a tree really really really hard.

    I hope Mr. Richard has magic. Lots and lots.

    1. Oh, the pictures thing makes me sick for you. I’m sorry! That is harsh! And two manuscripts? I think I would have to permanently give up electronics after that one.
      We’re hoping Richard gives us back what is mine. Fingers crossed.

    1. Yes. Yes, he does. But if he hurls back my posts, he is redeemed for a while. But I still have plans with a .45 and an empty field. Just me and Richard.

  5. Oh, I am DEFINITELY crying for you right now! And heading off to back up my own blog. Good Lord…

    1. Back up! Back up! Back up! And NOT to the server where it is hosted. That’s my PSA for the day.

  6. Richard, huh? Well, I’ll call him Dick, but that’s just the crass heathen in me talking ๐Ÿ™‚

    In the meantime I just wanna read your stuff, lady! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ok that cut off before I was ready–

      To finish my thoughts here…I hope that you can figure out what Dick did with your stuff–there’s got to be cached pages out there on the internets. Screen grabs? Something?

      Or maybe this was some sort of inadvertent slate cleaning that was needed? Trying to find a bright side…its not working too
      So, I’ll shut up and just offer hugs–big ones cuz this sucks.

      1. His name is Richard for a reason and you, my lady, just nabbed it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ IF it looks like most is lost, did you see what Genevieve saw? I may have only lost a few years. We still have faith that we may get ALL of it back but at least everything is not lost. ๐Ÿ™‚

        And, yes, this does suck.

  7. Okay, I had to go back and see how far the posts went. The oldest I have is July 2, 2007. BUT, some of the posts were just teaser intros where you had to keep reading on the “real” site – and anything that had to be clicked over to here to read (the rest of those posts, comments, etc)… I can’t access that.

    For instance, this is the 07/02/07 post on google reader:

    Light Iris and WWNMJALI*?
    by Jenn
    (* What Would New Mom Jenn Ask Light Iris?) Have you heard of the Light Iris Search Engine? Of course you have! Not so much? Okay well, you should know about it especially if you are a new mom. Or a mom. Or you know a new mom. Or […]

    Many of the newer (read last 3-4 years) posts are in their entirety, and then it’s like either you or google went back and forth between truncated posts and full posts. But like I said, I’ll help you get back whatever I can.

    1. I never even thought to look at Google Reader. I love you for your quick thinking! I hated those partial posts in the reader. At the time I was with an ad network that told us to do that. (They appear to have changed that now.) THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will let you know if I need help. mwah!

  8. I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented here before… so hi =) Now weird comment from reader who has never commented here before:

    I read your blog through google reader. I just did a quick scroll down, and it would have kept going, but I know I have at least the text (possibly the photos – I didn’t give it time to load) through, at minimum, April 2009. Like I said, this might go all the way back to – I’m not sure. But if there’s any way that I can help you get your posts back, I’d love to be able to do that. My husband, a pastor, lost the first 3 years of sermons from his ministry because of a hard drive (and back-up hard drive) crash, so I know the crushing feeling when it’s all just… gone.

    If I can help, please feel free to contact me. I included my email address above.


  9. Oh Jenn. To say that sucks no where near covers it. I hope you can retrieve it all somehow!

    1. Thanks. I am keeping all my bendy parts crossed that we can retrieve everything. If not, I am going to have a really good time with a .45 and the server in an empty field somewhere.

      1. I’m glad someone thought of Google reader for you! What about the Wayback Machine for older posts?

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