Hey BlogHer12 – This is mah face! Also known as do not pretend you don’t know me because now you’ve read this and you do.

So there is a fun series of blog posts going around so that BlogHer attendees can maybe recognize a face in among the 4000 other women there. So, I am all about jumping in for a good cause. That cause being I don’t want people to ignore me. And, so you will recognize the many faces of Jenn.

Me chilled and just being there with a smile (also known as “Where I am and what’s happening?“) This is the look you will see most often. That and me laughing.


This is me laughing with friends.


This is me in my new glasses from Rivet & Sway.


This is me looking at you and thinking, “Wait. What?”


Now, if you see me like this it means I have my sock bun in my hair, no make-up and probably no coffee. So if I seem really out of it or dumb, again…NO COFFEE. Just back away and wave and you should be save. *Note: The exception to this is if it is really late at night. In that case, I am about to go to bed. But it is still probably best to just wave.


This is me after I have found my beloved coffee and all is right with the world:

So come say hi to me!

Also, I’ll probably be seen with these two a lot: Say hi to Liz and Elizabeth, too.


  1. Dude. I miss your face. Wish I could be there to see it live and in person. Maybe next year!

  2. I know this face. See you soon!

  3. JayMonster

    Could it be? I may find my favorite 3 blogger will all be in one place? Look forward to finally seeing that face, live and in person.

  4. I guess I hope I get added next year.

    Hmm. Interesting.

  5. Well dammit, I hope we get to meet again so I can give you hug. Love the post.

  6. Sigh, Mrs. Tuna would love to be at BlogHer.

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