Breaking Bad and other horrors to avoid while medicated

Breaking Bad and other horrors to avoid while medicated

So my boys got me hooked on the show Breaking Bad. Yes, I see the irony of me being a recovering addict hooked on a show about meth and such. But you see, while this show has absolutely amazing actors and the writing is beyond incredible, some of the stuff they have on that show will totally freak your mind. This isn’t Disney, y’all.

So add in a little bit of not quite right thinking because your doctor put you on some heavy medication, that show will mess you up! I was watching it tonight when my middle son came in and was all, “MOM! I told you not to watch that before bed. I would think you would realize that also means while you’re in a somewhat altered state. Go watch Glee. Or Mad Men. Or some fluffy show you have on the DVR.”  (Yes, I was reprimanded by my son. But he was totally right.)

Can I just tell you that when I fell into a bizarre sleep I did dream about Walter White (from Breaking Bad) trying to do a musical with the kids from Glee in order to launder his meth money but they had to make sure not to infringe on Stefano (from Days of Our Lives) territory. Now that, people, is a jacked up dream. And though it freaked me out, it gave me a blog post. And isn’t that really all we want during NaBloPoMo?

Yes. Yes, it is.

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  1. But Stefano is orchestrating from afar right now! The glee kids could totally go behind his back on this one. Maybe Sami could come up with some kind of lie to cover it all up?

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