I’m no Hemingway but you probably knew that

I’m no Hemingway but you probably knew that

I’ve been trying to write every day. I have been doing it so far. But the drivel I am putting to paper is shameful. How in the world did Hemingway and other fellow writers create such masterpieces while drunk, drugged, or in some way out of their minds? I can’t believe I used to take on a daily basis at least 4x the amount of meds I am taking now and I went about my every day chores and errands without even a blip on my “derp-o-meter.” But now? Ohhhhhhh, I am derp to the extreme much to the amusement (and frustration) of my family.

Me to my husband: “Can you go to the…that place…you know…that place we go…uhhh…they have things you buy… you know what I mean…that..what do you call it??”

Husband: “Do you mean a grocery store?”

Me: “Yes! Words are hard.”

And then I was embarrassed so I became all “I’m good.” I tried to convince him I was just kidding. We both knew better.

What I love about this so much is that I HATE IT! I really don’t like the medicated feeling. I don’t like feeling so fuzzy and out of it. Once I was all about the high. Now? I truly get frustrated and cannot stand that this is where I have to be right now.

Before you ask, yes, I have spoken to my sponsor and keep this closely under observation. And, yes, I spend most of my time sleeping so that 1) I don’t feel as much pain and 2) so I don’t have to feel that icky feeling.

But I write. Because I said I would. And so I am.

If you think this sucks, try reading my NaNoWriMo work. Now that? That is pathetic. But? I am writing and that is what I need. Now more than ever.

PS- I am doing MUCH better and am way more successful so far at NaNaTaMo. I RULE that one.

So, how YOU doin’?

3 thoughts on “I’m no Hemingway but you probably knew that

  1. Ha! I forget words all the time and I feel like my husband and I talk in some weird cryptic code. Where the primary words are “thing” “stuff” “You know….” Glad I’m not alone 🙂 You do write eloquently, though! Love reading the posts.

  2. I have been sucking at blogging lately. I did a lame post this week for the first time in almost 2 months. I’m glad you’re doing better chica.

  3. I am not NaNoing or NaBloing, but I think I could totally get on board with this NaNaTaMo idea. It is brilliant.

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