Happy birthday, Mommy Needs Coffee! Also known as Holy Crap! She’s been writing this blog for TEN years!

I can hardly believe it but today is my blog’s TENTH birthday.  (And I almost missed it.)  Ten years I have been coming here and sharing my life with you. Let me put that in perspective a bit.

My oldest son was only 9 years old. Still in elementary school. Now? He has moved out and is living in an apartment with a full time job. He’ll be 20 in 2 months. Whoa.

My middle son was 7 years old.  We were still watching animated movies together.  He is now a senior in high school. I’m clinging to my time with him.

My daughter was only 2 years old.  My little baby girl. Just recently graduated to a “big girl” bed. Today she is in middle school and using social media like a pro.

I was… 10 years younger, 3 years clean, married for 13 years, and thought I would save the world with my blog. Or at least meet amazing people and start a career.

And? I did!

Because of my blog I have met friends that are like family to me. I signed with an agent to publish my book. I have had my columns published in major magazines. I’ve been featured on a national news segment. I’ve been asked to appear of two major talk shows. I have yet to save the world, BUT there are times I feel like I saved myself by having an outlet to write freely.

I don’t know how to thank you, my loyal readers, for sticking with me. Especially after the past few months of writers block. Thanks for coming back. Thanks for reading. And? Thanks for making my dreams come true. Y’all are awesome! Here…have some cake.



TEN years old, y’all!




  1. HAPPY TENTH BLOG BIRTHDAY! You’ve come so far and you are still the same good friend with a big heart that I met 7 years ago 🙂

  2. Headless Mom

    I’m so proud of you for sticking it out. I love you so much and am so happy to call you a friend congrats on ten years!! Love ya Sister!!

    PS- you’re the first of my close friends ( that I know of) to hit ten. WooHoo!!

  3. Cheers to 10 years!!

  4. 10 YEARS. That is huge.

    Happy blog birthday!

  5. You don’t look a day older than 2003 :). Love you, my friend!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! What an achievement! To celebrate, I’ll buy you a drink in Chicago that you can stick in your bosoms. 🙂


  7. Nothing reminds you of how quickly time passes than living with kids. Congratulations on finishing your first decade of writing quality essays for a public audience.

  8. I had my 10th blogiversary on Oct. 1, but have you linked at my coffee blog. http://coffeespills.blogspot.com/

  9. You’re one of the first bloggers I read when I started my own blog! I’m only in year 7, I think. Maybe? I should check my archives! Time flies!

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