On blogging and Facebook

On blogging and Facebook




Today was one of those days that kicked my ass. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. It brought me to a place where I thought “I want to blog about this.” But then I thought, “No, I shouldn’t. I may upset so and so.” Or “My blog has been down and I doubt anyone reads it amymore.” Or “Why do I even blog anymore. Do I still love it? Does anyone?” So I took the question to Facebook.

Oh, there was a time I never would have done that. It would be blog first always then maybe a link on Facebook but that would be a second thought. Today it was my first that and the blog didn’t come to me until after I read over 90+ responses to my question: “Does ANYONE blog *just* for the love of blogging anymore? Not worrying about stats, SEO, reviews, readership numbers, ads? Would you blog simply for the love of blogging? Or is that a relic of the past? Is that kind of blogging dead? It’s a genuine question. I want to hear your thoughts.”

I loved the variety of answers. Some blog for the love of it only. Some for money and passion. Some for work. Some only when they think about it. Some have quit. Every one that answered had a different reason for blogging. And I loved that. I really wanted to know if anyone still loved it because after more than 11 years (and many bumps, bruises, blood, sweat and tears), I wasn’t sure if I still did.

During the day (after I posted that) I noticed that I had 2 comments I had previously left on 2 pages were deleted. Maybe coincidence. And? Only one comment got me wrapped around the axle. It made me wonder…with the instantaneous ability to comment, question or debate someone on Facebook, are people more  likely to question something you write there than to come to your house (BLOG) and do it there. Say for instance if I asked that question here, first of all, I know I wouldn’t get over 90 people responding. Secondly, would people be likely to expound on their thoughts? Dig deeper than on Facebook? Maybe start a dialogue? I don’t know. It just made me wonder if people act/react differently in a community like Facebook than they would in you home like a blog.

Do you respond differently on Facebook than on a blog? I’ll be honest. There are times I do. It’s an easy knee jerk reaction when you see something scroll by to immediately respond. Good or bad. I’m open to both. I just want the dialogue. I have LOVED the conversation my question started. Absolutely loved it. Whether your answer was “Nah, don’t have time with all my work SEO etc to have the love” or “I love it so when I feel it, I write” or even “I hate this question. It makes me uncomfortable.” I love that it make you think. Or at least react. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “On blogging and Facebook

  1. I generally don’t like to bring my thoughts to Facebook. Blogging I find is different. Two different audiences, two different worlds! Peace… 🙂

  2. I, too, love the comment/engagement cycle on blogs. I actually much prefer it to fb, but actually do it less. What does that say about me?????

  3. I think it is quicker to respond on Facebook because it’s a little like one-stop shopping, but I do try and leave actual blog comments because I appreciate them so much myself. When I am in blog comment-leaving mode, I definitely see an uptick of engagement on my own blog, so it’s an awesome/vicious cycle, I guess!!

  4. Denise, woman, what am I going to do with you? Do you know how many responses I’ve written to you and deleted? 🙂
    You’re just not seeing my point. And that’s okay. But stop it. I don’t like you not getting me. 😉 Thanks for commenting here and there. Two for one!

  5. I am still subscribed to your blog — and when I saw the title in my feedreader, I had to come over and read the whole thing. 😉

    I definitely respond differently on Facebook because it’s faster and easier than clicking into a lot of different blogs and come back again later to see if there are more comments on those blogs. Some of the subscribe to comment modules are nice but I get so much email that I’m more likely to ignore them than to actually click back over when I see there are more comments coming in. I do it — I just don’t do it as often as if I’m entering a discussion on Facebook — where it’s easy to add a thought, easy to come back again later and read what others say and easy to add more thoughts.

    I’d have given you the same answer as before, if I’d seen your original question here first — which still would have gotten you wrapped around the axle. 🙂

    PS. I couldn’t actually access the post from the feedreader, it sent me to a 500 page error. Sorry your blog is broken, I hope it’s not a hard fix. There’s nothing worse than a broken blog when you feel like writing!

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