On looking back on the past

A few days ago an old friend posted a picture of some young band geeks. It was me and my high school friends. It was an amazing time to take a trip down memory lane. We laughed over hairstyles. Mocked the notes on the chalkboard. Checked in on where everyone was these days. Teased about how we’ve aged but not really but totally. It was exactly what I needed. It was from my favorite year in high school. Oh, the laughs we had that year. My “soul mate” friend, Harvey (*he knows who he is) was as always by my side. We were all so young, so happy, so innocent as to what life would bring our way.

I’ve always said I’d never, ever go back to high school again. But after seeing that picture and looking at each and every face, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would go back… for a while. I could share a story with you about every person in that picture. Some would be bittersweet. Some would have you rolling in laughter. And, yes, some would have you rolling your eyes calling us geeks. And I’d love each and every story.

Sometimes you don’t realize the best stories of your life are happening while they’re happening. It’s only after they are long gone and  you look back and smile that you realize, “Wow, we sure did have one hell of a good time, didn’t we?”

Band Geeks 87

Band Geeks 87


  1. Love this post, so much! And you, too. I’m thankful to be able to look back and know that must of my most recent stories almost always include you ♡

  2. So true: I would go back to high school just for a little while too. If I could pick, I’d go back to high school with my current friends. We’d tear up the place, don’t you think? 😉

  3. I’d go back too. I think I might write about it!

  4. I just saw a Facebook post of yours (from the hospital? Ugh!) and came over here to see what you’d posted recently. I love that you wrote after this picture was posted. I have many memories of you and they are all just drenched in hilarity! You’ve been on my mind a lot since you announced your diagnosis. I don’t connect with you much online, but I still love you like it’s 1987.

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