Being okay with just okay

Being okay with just okay

Today was a day where I could only do the bare minimum. The bare minimum is okay. Just being okay is sometimes the best I can do.

Oh, I don’t like it but I don’t like it because I’ve always worried about the judgement of other people. Well, here’s the truth; even if I try to hide it, I’m not myself and those who really know me see through it. Some will stay and some will go. I need to be okay will that. My autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses will always be a part of me. I’m in acceptance mode with that. Some friends will get on board. Some won’t. I’ve officially passed that choice and/or burden onto them.

I’m okay with sometimes just being okay. If all I do is get up, brush my teeth, and put on leggings and a top, that’s okay. There is freedom in letting go of caring about the judgement of others. No pretending anymore. No pressure. It’s being okay with just being okay.

This is the life I was given and I’m doing the best I can with what I have. And that’s okay.


3 thoughts on “Being okay with just okay

  1. There are a few things to consider:

    1. (And you seem to either have gotten to this, or are well on your way)… Those that are going to judge you for your illness and what limitations it puts on you? Not your friend(s) to begin with. Now there are a whole myriad of reasons for this, and if you are bored one day you could try and guess which one applies to any given person, but that is only for something to do to pass time with a mental exercise. They are of no value to you, so give them any.

    2. Your “just getting by” is far greater than some people’s best days (aha, there is potentially one of those reasons others may look to criticize. You are far too awesome and they fell inferior, so they feel the need to try and “take you down a notch”)., so just always remember, you don’t need to dim your light to match others.

  2. Agree with you completely.
    I don’t listen what others say. I am me and I don’t care.
    This is my life!

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