Bio bits

Bio bits

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I have been a professional freelance writer for over 10 years. In 2003 I started a weblog. From there I became an online community advisor as well as an online writing and editing contractor and consultant. My online writing caught the attention of a literary agent. After signing with her premier agency, we began to work together on my memoir.

I have published parenting articles for both local and international publications.

I’m a contributing author in the parenting anthology Sleep is for the Weak.

I was a keynote speaker at BlogHer ’06. I spoke on two panels of note at BlogHer Conferences in both 2005 (the very first mommmyblogging panel)and 2006 (on outreach blogging) and spoke at BlogHer ’11 (on Old School Blogging from Starting Over to Burn Out).

Writing is my passion. Followed closely by public speaking.

Jennifer Satterwhite’s Specialties:

Addiction recovery and support, authors and writing, professional and business blogging, social media, women online, momblogging, blogging communities, writing communities, freelance writing and product ambassadorships


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