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I’m turning down the noise in 2013 so I can hear myself blog. Let me hear you blog, too! (Even if that should read “Let me read your blog” it doesn’t fit so go with it.)

I’m turning down the noise in 2013 so I can hear myself blog. Let me hear you blog, too! (Even if that should read “Let me read your blog” it doesn’t fit so go with it.)

Here is where you would normally find an inspirational New Year’s post all about resolutions and new beginnings. Really? When do I do normal? Instead I am going to embrace the old. To quote my friend Liz of This Full House, I am going to blog  like it’s 2003. Back in the olden days where stories were told and if you wanted to know how someone is doing, you had to go read it on their blog not check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, etc. (Or, you know, call or email them but that is not the point of this story.) Or as Carol of Girl Gone Travel says, It’s time to take back the blog!

blogit1.jpgWhen I started blogging way back in the stone ages when we had to use stone tablets and chisel out our posts (or as some people call it 2003), it was an entirely different world. I don’t mean world in the sense of the entire world but in the blogging world. We told stories. We had a community that grew to know each other because we shared stories about life: the funny, the silly, the serious, the real. And things changed. First there was the “OMG ADS!” phase that should have been a peek into what was to come. But oh no! Then the evil “REVIEWS” came along. (SELLOUTS!) But still we wrote. We shared. We ignored the noise. But wait! Then came THE TRIPS! People were sending bloggers on PAID trips to cool places. OMG! That is so awesome/awful/great/evil/coveted/hated. And let’s not forget the BEST LISTS! On blogs it could be somewhat easy to ignore if you wanted to for a while. But then Twitter and Facebook and Instagram (Oh my!) added to the noise. And some of the blogs that had stories I loved to read began to read like one giant paid advertisement. OR the stories were replaced with a short paragraph of “must update so here you go” without thought to content or writing. THE NOISE online became really, really loud.

And none of those things are bad. I am not against any of them or anti-anything (bloggish).

But oh the NOISE.

And really? Let’s be honest. I got lost in the noise. My stories got lost, too. Sometimes because they had to so I could fulfill a commitment. Sometimes because I would update on Facebook and ignore the blog. Sometimes because “Why bother? I’m not getting the fun stuff so pffffft on you!”

But mainly, the NOISE drowned out my voice.

It sounds cheesy, but I really had to step back out of it all and re-evaluate why I blog. Why am I on Facebook? Why am I on Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest?

Because I enjoy them. I really do.

But when I felt like I had to do it all, I got lost in the NOISE.

Looking back at the amazing opportunities I received, they all came from real writing on my BLOG!

I was signed with an agent…because of my writing.

I was invited to Washington DC with Dr. Drew Pinsky to talk to members of Congress…because of my writing.

I was asked to be a long term product ambassador with brands I respect and enjoy…because of my writing.

I was a contributor in two anthologies…because of my writing.

I received a person phone call from Gloria Steinem (complete with her personal home phone number for future use)… because of my writing.

I was asked to write for two national magazine publications… because of my writing.

I interviewed some amazing celebrities… because of my writing.

I was asked to speak several times at a few conferences to share my experience… because of my writing.

I was given the opportunity to meet some amazing authors I admire… because of my writing.

I made some lifelong friends when I shared my life on my blog… because of my writing.

I can go on and on about the wonderful opportunities and jobs I was offered because of my blog writing. Not because of snarky Facebook posts. Not because of 144 characters of charm. Not because of an artsy picture. (Though using those to share my writing help!)

I used to write here for the love of the blog. Then I did it because I felt I needed to write. Then I just didn’t.

But I am turning back the clock. I’m taking back my blog and using social media in the best way I know how to dim the noise and amplify my passion for writing.

I want to write. I really do. Who is with me?



(Have a favorite post of yours? Share the url in the comments if you want a visit. I want to read blogs, too!)


Fight the good fight, not the dirty one that hurts your community and your fellow mombloggers!

Fight the good fight, not the dirty one that hurts your community and your fellow mombloggers!

Rarely do I use my blog to rant and vent when it comes to other bloggers.  However, what I saw go down last week on blogs and on Twitter has me rather irate.  What am I talking about?  I am talking about the #nestlefamily blogger junket.  I watched on Twitter as the chaos and mudslinging occurred.  I stayed out of it.  I know most of the bloggers that attended and I know they do not support “baby killing” as it was so often referred to.  I do understand that many people have issues with Nestle.  I read posts and followed links to see what the firestorm was all about.  I saw the outrage and anger towards Nestle- some backing up their outrage, some just jumping on the bangwagon.

But here is where it went too far:  When other bloggers went as far as to slam, criticize and be downright cruel to the bloggers in attendance. Seriously?  That is just uncalled for when you attack the attendees.  Some of the bloggers were very hurt by the accusations and cruelty thrown their way. And some of this venom was by other blogger they respect(ed).   Did those of you who attacked the bloggers personally approach them in a respectful way or just throw stones?

You see, as one of the pioneers in mommyblogging, I have seen how far we have come.  We were once at the bottom of the blogging ladder.  We were the ones at the back of the list when it came to asking opinions of us or looking to us to educate and inform others about a product or service.  We (including some of the bloggers in attendance) fought hard to gain respect in the world of social media and with corporate America.  It was through our hard work, quality writing and open mindedness that we opened doors to major corporations to reach out to us.  Yes, we opened the door to gain access to these companies.  We earned their respect and therefore they have seen the power mom bloggers have online.  Believe it or not there was a time when there was no such thing as a blogger junket.

I remember one of the first held was Johnson’ s Baby Camp.  Yes, there was a blow up over that one. However, when bloggers were upset, they went to Johnson’s.  I did not see the actual bloggers being attacked personally.  Since then there have been many, many blogger trips to corporations where mom bloggers can learn about the companies, their practices and what they stand for as a company.  (Disclosure: Yes, I have been on some of these.  Yes, I do enjoy going. And, YES, I have learned more about these companies from attending.  It is not about a free trip and swag.  Do I enjoy going on these trips?  Of course I do.  A prime example is the trip I took to Hallmark.  I learned so much there and met amazing creative people.  I did have fun but more than that, I learned so much more about the company itself.   I do look into the companies when I am asked to go on one of these blogger junkets.  Just for the record.  The majority of us do not just get an invite and automatically jump for joy and attend. We attend for a reason.  We attend to hear what they have to teach us and show us about their company.)  For the record, Johnson’s did learn from the constructive criticism they received.  I worked with the PR person on this and saw it from their side as well.

Some of these women were at the forefront of mommyblogging.  They were ones that (even if the term mommyblogger made their skin crawl) fought to be heard and respected.  They are not into blogging for free trips, swag or bragging rights that they have been able to go on these trips.  They are the ones whose quality of writing brought these trips to you. (Yes, you who have been on them yourselves and enjoyed them.)   They helped show that we are powerful, useful and want to learn more about the products they may (or may not) be buying for their families.  To suggest anything else is not only inaccurate but cruel.  These women were blogging about their lives long before there was any monetary compensation or free trips involved.  Long before some of you were even blogging.

I saw and heard many women I respect personally attack these bloggers and frankly, it pisses me off in a big way.  I lost respect for women I had admired who used social media as a way to attack the attendees themselves.  What do you hope to gain doing that?  Do you think that by attacking their ethics, motivation and character makes you look more informed and a better person/mom blogger?  Well, it doesn’t.  It makes you look foolish and immature.

If you have a problem with Nestle, bring it up with NESTLE.  You want to boycott them, you go on with your bad self.  You want to tell Nestle off, do it.  It is well within your right to stand strong in your beliefs when it comes to a company and their practices.  I applaud you being an advocate for what you believe.  I seriously do admire those of you who stand up for what you believe and fight to see that injustices you hear or learn about are dealt with.

However, the moment you made it personal towards the mombloggers (and dad blogger) who went to this event, you lost your credibility.  At least with me.  It amounts to nothing more than school yard bullying.  Not to mention bullying some of the very people who have opened doors that I know you have enjoyed walking through yourself.

And, yes, I know that not all of the people who are anti-Nestle berated these bloggers. I know that.  Enough did, though, that I feel it should be addressed.

Those of you who did make it personal with these bloggers, the next time you decided to throw stones at these people, you think long and hard about what stones could be thrown at you.  Their attendance did not mean they support Nestle’s practices.  Do you know why they went?  Did you ask them what their motivation was to attend?  Did you find out if they wanted to become better informed on the issues you brought up?  Or did you assume their attendance automatically made them the bad guys?

With social media such as Twitter it is so easy to sit behind a computer and hurl your insults and make these people feel bad.  Are you using social media as a tool or as a weapon?  Think about it.

Had I been able to go, would I have gone?  Probably.  Not because I discount the research done by many bloggers on the company.  Not because I wanted a free trip. And not because I will blindly go anywhere I am asked to go.  But because no matter how much research I read from you, I want to get my own answers.  I want to see both sides.  I want to educate myself.

I am so disappointed in how my fellow mombloggers were treated personally. It infuriates me.

I fear that behavior like I saw will drag the mom(my) blogger name into the mud and shove us back into the depths of “we don’t want to hear from them” because dammit we have worked too hard for too many years to gain respect.

And, no, I am not talking about speaking out about your feelings, research and ideas about Nestle itself.  I am talking about the rude, mean spirited attacks against women I know to be admirable, respected and intelligent well educated bloggers who have done amazing things when it comes to blogging–namely momblogging.

Shame on those of you who saw fit to attack the attendees themselves.

Use your anger and your outrage over the company to open a dialogue with Nestle or use your words to educate those who do not know what you have researched.

And for the love of all things community, back the hell off of these bloggers.  They are good people.

/ end rant

Join us at the Motherhood as we Flip out!

Join us at the Motherhood as we Flip out!

The Motherhood just launched a fun new project.  Real moms. Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Unedited.  Just doing what we do best.  Want a sneak peek?  Go over to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Flip and see what I have to say about our girlfriends–those women in our life who help us get through our day to day lives.  Kind of like The Motherhood!  Also, we have some fun and wonderful moms who will be making appearances all week.  You won’t want to miss it!

Come over and join us! You, too, can play vlogger with rest of us!

(Repost) The Winners of the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt

(Repost) The Winners of the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt


Here are the list of participating blogs in this Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt (for those who got stuck on a clue or two):

Starting point:  Right here on Mommy Needs Coffee

#1   Busy Mom
#2:  Diary of  a Crazed Mommy
#3:  Rocks in my Dryer
#4:  Baby Bloomr
#5:  Mom to the Screaming Masses
#6:  Mamma Loves
#7:  This Full House

And the wonderful new site launched for Moms:  TheMotherhood!

A HUGE thank you to all of the bloggers who participated and especially to all of you who played.  We will be doing things like this on an ongoing basis.  So, if you didn’t win, be sure to join theMotherhood and get active so you know when we start again.  Thanks for playing!

Here are our winners of the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt (using their user names on TheMotherhood so you can go visit them):

Our Grand Prize Winner is: lalawawa !  Her blog is Crosswind.  She must have set a record in getting through this.  Great job!

Our first runner up is: Roxy Mommy.  Her blog is Roxy Mommy.

Our second runner up is: KarenK.  Her blog is: FourKidsAndADog

Our third runner up is: AliciaMCG.  Her blog is private but we are trying to convince her to start a public one so we can share in her life!

Our final runner up is: Mrs.Bubba.  Her blog is: Living La Vida Normal.

Congratulations for doing such a great job and finishing in the top five!


Now for our randomly drawn winners.  With nearly 200 hundred entries, these are the 10 lucky women who were drawn at random to win a prize.  (In no particular order.)

(First their name here on The Motherhood and then their blog url if they have one.)

sbilly (She doesn’t have a blog, but we are going to change that one!)
Mom on the RunWriting My Life One Blog At a Time
What About Mom: What About Mom
crittyjoy: Crittyjoy
careysmile: Frugal Fulfillment
HPT (  Homeschooling in the Heartland
Doodlerah:  (No blog yet but I am going to convince her she needs one.  Am I right?)
The Simple MomThis Simple Life
DawnMHSHMy Home Sweet Home

Thank you all for playing.  Stay tuned as we play our next great adventure together.  Be sure to visit these neighbors and to congratulate them.  Make new friends here at the ‘hood.

Hope everyone had fun!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Who won the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt?

Who won the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt?

I know the hundreds of people who played Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt are wondering who won.

You are, aren’t you?

I can give you a hint.

(Forgive the deep breathing and obscene like phone call sound to it.  I have been battling walking pneumonia.)


Election 2008: Calls in The Vote

Election 2008: Calls in The Vote

My very good friends and founders of one of my favorite online communities,, has come up with a brilliant and fun way to capture this historic election both in a community forum as well as on your own blog.  Let’s face it, my friends, unless you live under a rock, you know that this election is history in the making.  No matter what candidate you are voting for, it will be an historic moment in our country.  Tomorrow we will wake up with either our first African American president or our first female vice president.

My friends over at The Motherhood — founders Emily McKhann and Cooper Munroe– have created an easy cellphone based application that members use to communicate at once with their circles of friends – and they’ve adapted it for CALL IN THE VOTE.

As Motherhood co-founder Emily McKhann told the BBC:

“We are encouraging women to call in and tell us about their voting experience – if they took their children, what it was like and of course where they are.

Mothers are busy people, so an online community is a simple way to encourage them to get involved without having to do anything that is too complicated to set up.”

Why would you not want to capture that moment– the things you were thinking, feeling and doing on this day?  Share it with your kids.  For that matter, take your kids and let them share it.  Voted early?  Then share whether or not you feel left out over the hoopla over today.

I will be phoning it in.  Will you?

Here’s how it works – very simple, easy and fun:

1) Join (if you’re not already in there) and be sure to put your cell phone number in when prompted during sign-up.

2) Join the Moms CALL IN the Vote circle and make it your Mobile Circle.

3) Go to your polling place to vote.

4) Pick up your cell phone and call 412-282-1182 (tip: add that number to your phone’s contacts ahead of time.)

5) Give us a live, on the ground report. Tell us about voting, how you feel, what the experience is like and any other election day coverage! What did the kids think?  Find your inner Couric and maybe even interview some others who are voting for more great coverage of the day. The recordings will show up immediately on in
the Moms CALL IN the Vote circle..

6) You don’t need to have a blog or website to take part in this – but if you do, you can take the embed code from (it will appear directly underneath your recording) and embed your voice — and other recordings you hear there too if you like — on your own site.

7) Listen to (and save for posterity) grassroots, citizen mom/dad coverage at its finest on this most historic day.

Let me know if you do this and I will do a huge follow up post sharing your thoughts and link back to your blog.

Call in the vote, people!  OH, and join the group on Facebook!  You know you want to be on Facebook.  Join and I will share with you my newest Facebook OMG story!  Just go join the Call in the vote group on Facebook.

THEN GO VOTE!  (And call us!)

Here is an example of my morning call in: