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I roll my own. Want a hit?

I roll my own. Want a hit?

[Update at the end]

Okay, after years of going without, I am giving in to temptation. Throwing caution and my better judgment to the wind, I am going to start rolling again. Blog rolling. Dude! What did you think?

So, if you think you should be on my blog roll, let me know. I am hopefully adding to it this week. Let me know why you want to be on it. You know reason like:

  • You want people other than your mom to read.
  • You have something on me and I better add you or you will release it to the world at large.
  • You need validation and I am just the blog to give it to you.
  • Because? Why not, beyotch?
  • You know I read you. I may even comment so why the hell are you not already being linked?
  • You have been removed from another blog roll for some dumb ass reason and are looking to not screw up your whole Technorati ranking so I need to make up the loss by adding you.
  • Your sister’s friend’s cousin’s hairdresser’s mailman’s next door neighbor’s aunt dates this dude who once read your blog and said it kicked ass so you should for sure be on the list!
  • You once commented and so there! Add you! Now!
  • You have anger issues and that in and of itself should scare me into adding you.
  • You deserve it because you know what movie this line came from: “You’re a neo maxi zoom dweebie, what would you be doing if you weren’t out making yourself a better citizen?”
  • Because you are about to kick my ass for trying to get anyone to jump through hoops.

That about covers why I add people to my blog roll. Oh, and of course because I read you and think other people should, too. But is that really a good enough reason? This is 2008 baby. Justification is the name of the game. Good writing will only get you so far. Inane bullshit carries you the rest of the way.

[Update to screech:]  Seriously?  Not ONE of you know where that movie line came from?!  Are none of you teens of the 80’s.  First person to tell me gets top billing in the blogroll.  I am so saddened that no one knows where neo maxi zoom dweebie came from.

*Shaking my head in shame*