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DIY- In this house it means: “Doesn’t Involve You [Jenn]”

DIY- In this house it means: “Doesn’t Involve You [Jenn]”

I once heard from someone who is probably an expert in all things proclamating. (Is so a word!)  You know how they say if you proclaim that you are going to do something and have witnesses (in this case y’all), you are more likely to actually follow through with that in which you proclamated. (Again, is so a word!)

So, I hear-by proclaim that I am going to start on some DIY projects. Now, there is an unwritten rule (and perhaps a restraining order filed in some courthouse somewhere) that says I am not allowed to partake in DIY projects. When you combine my extreme lack of knowledge in all things crafty, mechanical, remodeling and home-improvement in general with my lack of design intuition and project vision &  inspiration, I have kind of been forbidden from trying to go the whole DIY route. (Going to places like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby gives me hives if that gives you any indication as to how I feel about all things crafty and creatively artistic.)


I am about to become Ms. DIY. I can do it, right? (Say “right”, y’all.)

Why? Well, because when we cleaned out my childhood home, I brought home a lot of things. I mean a lot. As in a U-Haul full. But you see, some of it is not my style. More like, it would look awesome in Mad Men. (A dresser, chest of drawers and headboard from the 60’s was a must have.) I mean it totally belonged to my grandparents and oh my gawd we can’t just give that away! So now it is home with me and I am in charge of bringing it into the 21st century.

I’m going to strap on my tool belt. (Do they come in pink?) Grab some of those thingies from Home Depot that those people on DIY shows have and set up a doo-hickie area to get the whatchamacallit’s set up. I’m off to a great start, don’t you think. In fact, after I tackle furniture, I am going all out with the kitchen remodel. Or at least the cabinets. And wall paper. And floors. (Crap. Looks like I need to find some income!)

So here is project one. The color? I am not a fan. But I am so freaking clueless as to how to do anything to take this from a prop from 1960/Mad Men to a cool bedroom set that someone in this century would own. I just have one word for you (because y’all are the smartest people on the Interwebs.)


(I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the color is kind of a yellowish color. I’m not a fan. But what to do??)