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My great “sock bun” experiment of 2012

My great “sock bun” experiment of 2012

(See this post as to why my blog looks different and is all naked. Or as we say down South, nekkid.)


A few months ago, my good friend Busy Mom (her parents had a specific path for her to follow when naming her) shared a video about sock buns. I was all “What the huh? I don’t understand the meaning of your words put together like that.” So, with the patience you use when dealing with those you have to use small words with (don’t worry about her because she is totally used to it), she told me it was a way to “style” your hair while sleeping.

It’s like a Christmas miracle! I go to sleep with my hair put up in a bun (held by a sock, y’all!) and wake up to salon styled pretty-ness? Count me in. Mainly because, holy hot flashes, wearing my hair up at night is a bonus.

Here I am with my hair all bunned up with socky goodness: (Shuddup about the no make-up look. It was bedtime.)

I didn’t have great expectations about it working because my hair is fine, not super long, and I am stylishly challenged. (And? I totally slept great. No hair on my neck or  in my face and I was cooler. As in temperature. I mean who can be cool with a sock in their hair?)

So when I woke up (again, shuddup with the no make-up thing because I just woke up, people!) and took down my sock bun, I was shocked at what I saw. I was bald!! No. I totally wasn’t. This is what happened overnight:

That’s some hair there. (But as we say in the South, the higher the hair, the closer to God.) 

After a couple of hours, the 80’s called and wanted their hair back, so I took another picture to show what happens when the hair settles down a bit.

This is how my hair looked most of the day. I live in the heat and humidity of Texas, y’all. Normally my hair would be flat within 30 minutes. But no. Waves. In my hair. All day. It was bizarre. I almost expected it to burst into flames and start laughing because my hair doesn’t like me much.

At the end of the day I figured I would be back to flat and hanging like a nappy mop off of my head. Well, just to show how it looked 12 hours later, this is the final picture of the day. This is what it looked like just before bed:

And that my friends is my sock bun experience.

PS- I would totally embed the sock bun video but I have an entire 9 1/2 years of blog to recover. But if you check on YouTube, you’ll find many.

And all together:

PPS- If you see me at BlogHer with a sock all up in my hair late at night, just look away. I’ll look fabulous in the morning!