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Saturday chaos

Saturday chaos

It’s Saturday morning. (Okay, afternoon, so sue me. I am still moving slowly and think it is morning.) One soccer game was cancelled due to the flooded fields. The 2:00pm game is still a go. We have had sprinkles on and off all day, but apparently, if your game is after 1:00pm, then the field will miraculously dry up by then. Whatever. Kidlet Sr is ready to play, so I am there, rain or shine.

His big party is upon us tonight. Oh, give me strength! I am going to need it. He’s had 2 friends over today and they have been insanely hyper. It’s official. I have lost my mind to agree to this!

So it brings up the question…where is the line between letting the kids have fun and letting them get away with too much? Where is the line drawn between having fun and having too much fun when you are 10 yrs old? I am not sure. I can tell you one thing. Yelling, running, screaming and “fighting” are over the line in this house.

And to you…excuse me, but why didn’t you smack me when you first read that I was going to let him have 7 friends spend the night? Huh? Don’t you know what tough love is all about. A little smack to my head to get me to start thinking right about what having that many boys in my house would do to my sanity, peace and for that matter…the condition of my house. If 2 boys can do this….

…Oh I just can’t bear to think what 7 are going to do!

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