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When Life Makes Blogging Take a Backseat

When Life Makes Blogging Take a Backseat

First, I know you want to read something fun or of substance from me.  Go read (and comment) over at Mommy Madness DFW to read about my weekend freak out when I heard an explosive sound and knew my Traverse was totaled outside.  Oh and remember to vote because you love me and I shall cry if you don’t.  Or not. But vote anyway because you can!  Then? Since you just cannot get enough of me,  hop over to Parenting and read this week’s column.  It involves noodles and crayons.

Okay, so let’s see how much you really know about me.  Pick the real reason I have been too swamped to keep up with my blog this week and last.

1. The PTA is busy sucking out my Brain.
2. The Swine Flu.
3. I have been too busy working on my book(s).
4. Blog? I have a blog?

So?  Which one did you choose?

My long time readers probably looked at #1, laughed and said for sure that must be the one.  If you live locally or anywhere that gets news coverage you probably rolled your eyes since everything and everyone is up in arms over the Swine Flu so you may have chosen that as a default.  If you are my agent, most definitely you should choose #3 and believe it with all of your heart.  And many of you have read too many posts like this and knew the real reason was probably #4.

The winners? Those of you who chose….

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It’s all about Parenting today

It’s all about Parenting today

I admit it. Sometimes I want to skip out on playing with Gabriella when I am exhausted.  This past weekend was no exception.  But I gave in, as I usually do. We laughed, teased and, yes, cheated. But we had fun together. To think I almost passed up that moment.

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And really?  I am not crazy, I have teenagers.

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Go over and say hi!  Let them know that I am not writing into the void.  It would be great to see some familiar faces over there.