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BlogHer insanity- the photo edition

BlogHer insanity- the photo edition

I do not want you to get the impression that I went to BlogHer and that one horrible blogger’s comment made it a bad experience for me. (And can I just say how much your comments and emails meant to me. Wow. You are the best readers ever! I mean it!)

This year’s BlogHer was probably one of the best. Any drama was saved for someone else’s mama. I stayed away from it and it stayed away from me.

I did learn some wonderful things at BlogHer. I shall now share them with you.

Trolley Cars are perfect for amateur pole dancing.

Picture stolen from <a href=

Photo stolen from the wonderful MamaLoves.

This is the full size picture so that you don’t think I was alone in my insanity. Oh no! White Trash Mom and Busy Mom were just as guilty. Sort of.

(Again, stolen from MamaLoves. And, yes, I do love her!)

Whenever you are given a cheeseburger and have no place to keep it warm, we ladies have built in burger warmers.

Photo stolen from BusyMom (again)

Photo stolen from the wonderful BusyMom

Okay, and here is where I confess something. Bib? The Michelin Man? Well, he sorta scares the crap out of me. After a traumatizing encounter in the vendor area where I ran from him and hid behind other vendor tables, I thought we had made peace. Not so much. Sunday…he came racing out of a building to get me again. Okay, he is all puffy and nice and would never hurt anyone. Or so they tell me. But look at my expression. I am SO NOT kidding around here. Go. GO AWAY BIB! (Matt? I do adore Matt. Not Bib.)

(Look! He comes racing out all “happy” and check out Mr. Tire Man all pointing and laughing.)

Of course no BlogHer is complete without a Jennster groping.

I even tried to steal myself a new baby but his mother (Julie of Mothergoosemouse) insisted that I give him back. She said the whole “finders keepers” and “calling dibs” totally does not count with her baby. Bummer because I totally fell in love.

Now don’t we make a cute couple?

And finally we end with a quiz for you. Watch the video and answer the question following.

Lay It Down, Sarge. from mizzjenny on Vimeo.

So here is your question:

What are we doing?
A) Being held captive by a minion of Bib’s.
B) Learning how to get our kids to school on time under any circumstances.
C) Who cares? Raymond was driving.
D) All of the above.

So that is just some of the hilarity that ensued at BlogHer this year. I have a post about the amazing things that blew me away coming up later today, but I thought after the previous post we could all use a laugh and real evidence that I had a blast.