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Rivet & Sway Review – Buying prescription glasses has never been so cool & easy! (And inexpensive with this 20% off code!)

Rivet & Sway Review – Buying prescription glasses has never been so cool & easy! (And inexpensive with this 20% off code!)

I’ve worn glasses since I was in junior high. And if you do the math, that was a few years ago. *ahem* I wasn’t a fan because there really weren’t any cute frames at the time. I also played sports and hated wearing my glasses.  Let’s face it, add to that, I didn’t appreciate how expensive they were. I remember one basketball game in particular when I took to the court with my glasses still on my face. As soon as I realized that, I took them off and slid them across the court to my Dad. You could hear the collective gasp of every parent in that gym for miles. Seriously, it was as if all the air was sucked out of the gym in that moment. Because scratching or breaking glasses back in the day, was expensive and quite the ordeal. But not anymore, ladies. Now we have Rivet & Sway.

I’ll be honest. I usually wear contacts. Not because I dislike glasses but because my glasses were 11 years old. And dated. And gave me headaches. So when I was offered an opportunity to be a Rivet & Sway Original Blogger and receive a new pair of prescription glasses for free in time for BlogHer a conference that can’t be named, I jumped on that. I knew I needed a new pair. But truthfully, I hate getting new glasses. I stand there staring the eleventy billion choices with no guide as to what would look good on me and usually just walk out without even purchasing any. Rivet & Sway not only takes all the mystery out of shopping for new frames, they make it fun! AND they customize it so well, they can offer suggestions based on your face shape and width. From there, you choose the color you like best. Once you have narrowed it down to your favorite 3 pairs, you order the Try On At Home Kit. Yes, you read that right. They send trial pairs right to your house. You can go shopping for frames in your pj’s, y’all!

This is the what you see when you open the box (after FedEx 2 day shipping!):

rivet & sway try on kit
Photo courtesy of Teresa of (Thank you!)

The packaging itself grabbed me from the beginning. Now that I had my 3 pairs I could try on to find the perfect match, I did what all good bloggers and those who use social media do, I took to Facebook and Twitter to get the opinions of the masses. Here I am in my 3 different try-on pairs:

They are Derring-Do/style – Licorice/color (top left), Little Voice/style – Rip Curl/color (top right), and Sweet Spot/style – Copper Penny/color (bottom left)

As chance would have it, Facebook and I chose the same pair. Are you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering which pair I chose?

Rivet & Sway Choice #2

I chose the second pair. The  Little Voice in Rip Curl color which basically means with a blue & white swirlish design. I love them! I wore these all over NYC and BlogHer a conference that can’t be named. That is saying something for a gal who used to only wear her glasses in emergencies or when I knew no one would see me. With my new Rivet & Sway glasses, I wanted to show off my swagger. (Because trust me, I have swagger in my new glasses!) I even wore them to one of the largest parties at BlogHer a conference that can’t be named.

Showing off my glasses swagger at a party with my peeps!

But how easy is it really? VERY!

Getting new frames in these easy steps:

  1. Go to Rivet & Sway and create your account.
  2. Use their online tools to choose what you feel are the best for your face shape/width.
  3. You will need to provide a credit card but it is just for a 99 cent deposit. I mean, they are sending you hundreds of dollars worth frames, y’all.
  4. FedEx sends you your try on kit with 3 pairs of frames within 2 business days.
  5. On the  Rivet & Sway website, enter your prescription (You’ll need your PD, too. You can find that here if your doctor is weird about giving it to you.) and the super styling frame you chose. (*Note: If you love one frame and a different color, you can change that up, too.)
  6. Once you choose your favorite frames, you simply ship back your kit of trial frames. 
  7. For just $199 you get the perfect frames for you brought right to your door in 2 business days.
  8. Get your swagger on and enjoy seeing life in a brand new way!
But wait! This gets so much better. See #7 up there? Let’s change that! Use the following code and get 20% off! YES! This gets even better. (I love this company, y’all!) This is the code: CWHOUB1237B13B but it expires on August 26, 2012. That’s soon so get moving over to Rivet & Sway. I know you’ll love it as much as I do. The entire experience from start to finish was so easy! It’s what all the cool kids are wearing. (Truth be told, when I shared this story with a friend of mine, she actually told me she wished she wore glasses so she could go this. For real, y’all. We’re some serious trend setters here!)
rivet and sway original bloggers
These are the group of Rivet & Sway Originals.
We have swagger!

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free pair of Rivet & Sway glasses in order to  review the product. As always, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are honest and my own.  I received no monetary compensation for this review.