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Meet Karl

Meet Karl

You know I am a sucker when you people ask me for something.  I just cannot resist.  (And because I am madly in love with my new boy…)  Here are two pictures of Karl.

One thing about Karl that makes him irresistable to me is that one of his ears doesn’t quite stand up tall.   Dobies are known and judged for how their ears stand tall and look “imposing” when they stare you down.

Karl?  He has one ear that just doesn’t stand up like most Dobies.  As soon as I saw him and his floppy ear, I fell in love. When I was told by a vet that there are ways to fix it, I became like crazy mama.  “You will not touch that ear. It makes him…well…Karl!”

Readers, meet Karl:

Karl chilling out with his new ball

And here is a close-up on that oh-so-precious- I-could-bite-it ear.

Karl and his adorable ear

He is the sweetest boy ever.  He looks to us to let him know who is friend and who is foe.  Though, he does have a bit of an “emo” streak going on now and then.  I have never met a dog that sighs as loudly and in such a dramatically guttural way as he does. It is more like a deep moaning than a sigh.  He has been referred to more than once as “Emo Dog”.  But he is loving and sweet and wants to be where ever his “pack” happens to be.

Which includes the bed.  He seems to think it is his and therefore thinks that when he lies down it is just fine to take up 2/3 of the bed.  (I usually let him.  Clint? Not so much.)

He is an addition we never would of dreamt of. We never would have planned for it.  Yet, we never could imagine not having him in our family now.

I am sure you will be hearing a lot about Karl and his incouragable acts.  For now, we are just enjoying him and his adorable personality.