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Go vote for you favorite Generation Huggies Mom video!

Go vote for you favorite Generation Huggies Mom video!

Scroll down if you are looking for clues to the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt.  We are playing through Friday.  Yes!  You can still win!

Having election withdraw?  Feel the need to vote?  Campaign?  Do you need to see some wonderful “candidates” to back? Well, some major elections (ahem…you know the ones) may have ended, but there are still one that is needs your voting!  And this one?  You have more than two candidates to choose from.  And?  Totally bipartisan!

November 20th (Today) is the last day for voting for your favorite Generation Huggies Mom videos! These are those wonderful candid clips from real Moms who talk about their journey through motherhood..the good, the bad and even the meaning of motherhood in their eyes.

But wait!  There is more!

There’s still time to submit your own candidacy. Simply upload a 60 second video from your webcam or camcorder reflecting on your experiences and you, too, can be eligible for the national ad campaign that will feature these amazing videos. If you are a Mom, grandmother, or stand in for a mom who needs your help, you are eligible.  I have my video up.  (Do not mock me or I will find you!)  Look under the celebrity moms and see my very stiff, on the fly yet sounding overly practiced video. (And yes, I did it on the fly with out another video to see what they wanted or needed.   And the celebrity mom thing?  Stop laughing.  I mean it.  Stop it!  (Hey, where else are you going to see me next to one of my favorite actresses from Days of our Lives and The Biggest Loser, Alison Sweeney?  I call that a win!  But, really…no mocking.  I mean it!

And while you’re on GenerationHuggies, you still have time (November 30th) to enter that $30,000 sweepstakes. Now THAT is a bailout I can get behind.

What are you waiting for? So go out and vote for something we can all support and many can relate to (Motherhood) and enter to win your chance at $30,000.  Now THAT is something I think we can all use about now.

So go!  Generation Huggies.  I can wait.  Then tell me you entered if you enter a video.  I want to see it!